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HR 2103 

What do the Senate, House and the band Green Day hit Album “American Idiot” have in common? I don’t know. 

However, when you think about HR 2103, and the fact the next scheduled meeting of the Senate is Sep 5, 2006; the House next meets Sep 6, 2006 this song does come to mind. Ironic that the song and the bill were both introduced last spring.  “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

“…Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last wake me up when september ends…”Are there no longer any missing Adults?

What happened to HR 2103 did it no longer need legislative attention?

Is it not as critical of an issue as HR 4472 or HR 5319 because voters care more about missing children then missing adults?   How would Missing Adult statistics compare with Missing children statistics using similar criteria? After all, how accurate are the missing child statistics? The $4 million sought would seem appropriate funding.  That is actually for ten years as proposed 2006-2016. The NCMEC receives $35 million annually for missing children.



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