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Maybe the Aesop fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf should become required reading. The abridged version is about a young boy in a village whose job was watching the village’s sheep. After calling wolf multiple times, “Wolf! Wolf!” the villagers would come running to his aid. Each time the boy just laughed at the villagers.

Eventually the wolf did come and start eating the sheep. The boy called, “Wolf! Wolf!” but the villagers just ignored his calls, thought he was just trying to trick them, and the wolf ate the entire flock. 

In a strange twist, yesterday a woman was arrested and her boyfriend released from jail after she was charged with issuing a false report leading to the police issuing an Amber Alert. It isn’t the first time someone has issued a false missing child report.

In the recent case of an Iowa girl, she was safe in the care of family friends about twenty miles away across the Minnesota border. The search involved fifteen law enforcement agencies from Iowa and Minnesota. Authorities believe her mother knew the information provided was false.

Why would you provide false information to police suggesting your children were in danger if you knew that were not the case? (more…)


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