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Marcus Fiesel

Another example where a guardian is accused of misleading law enforcement but it may not be as difficult to understand why.

On August 23, more than a week after Marcus Fiesel disappeared, his foster mother made an emotional plea. Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Liz Carroll wore the exact same clothes she had on the day Marcus disappeared, hoping it would jog someone’s memory.     

She said several people in the park that day should’ve seen her, and she’s hoping one of them may have seen what happened to Marcus.      

The Ohio foster parents who reported a 3-year-old developmentally disabled boy had vanished now are charged with causing his death.

Update: San Diego County Detective Victorian Reden was contracted to conduct a week-long review of the agency in October. “Had the officers that responded to the Carrolls’ home filed a report with BCCSB, Marcus would have been immediately removed from their care,” Reden wrote.


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