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Simple Minds

Are there no longer simple answers for what appear to be simple question?  The US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs posts answers to FAQ on Amber Alerts which at first glance seem simple. One of these is:

Now that all 50 states have AMBER Alert plans, how does this help children and families?

The establishment of AMBER Alert plans in all 50 states marks an important milestone in our efforts to prevent child abductions. No matter where a child is abducted, communities and law enforcement work together to recover missing children quickly and safely. The numbers of recovered children speak for themselves. In 2001, only two children were recovered due to AMBER Alert. In 2004, 71 children were recovered due to an AMBER Alert. Interstate expansion is making a difference in saving children’s lives.

What isn’t mentioned is there are 116 Amber Alert systems, varying criteria by State and no National Amber Alert System. No one disputes their success but in an age when child abductors can travel at a minimum rate of a mile per minute, and it can take hours to decide if an alert should even be issued, shouldn’t there be an integrated Amber Alert system? (more…)


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