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Would a parent issue a false report for a missing child?

In the recent case of an Iowa girl, she was safe in the care of family friends about twenty miles away across the Minnesota border. The search involved fifteen law enforcement agencies from Iowa and Minnesota. Authorities believe her mother knew the information provided was false View article

Should a parent knowingly allow there child to be unsupervised in the custody of a known sex offender? In the case of Irvin Harris, it may have been the cause of his death. Authrities believe Irvin’s parents, knew Melvin Jones, and were aware he was convicted in February 2002 of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy in 2000 and served seven months for the crime.  They reported their son missing Saturday, and a search of Jones’ home by police yielded no sign of the boy.

Could a lack of information hinder law enforcement in their efforts?

In the case of Elian Majano who disappeared from a park in Irving, Tx., law enforcement had to determine the circumstances under which he went missing.

Law Enforcement is faced with many challenges when a child goes missing. These instances involve the need for both speed (reporting and response) and accuracy (updates of photographs, current descriptions, and reliable information).


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