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Remember HR 4472, the “Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Protection Act of 2006″. It is the recently passed bill designed to expand The National Sex Offender Registry. The bill will integrate the information in State sex offender registry systems and ensure that law enforcement has access to the same information across the United States.

Recently, this past weekend, I was searching the NCMEC site for missing children and viewing the pictures of some of the abductors. It occurred to me, was it possible one of these abductors could be a sex offender and just not registered in that state? I picked a name, entered them into one of the sexual predators databases and sure enough, a similar physical description and photo displayed in another state. The displayed person who “matched” was listed as a Tier 3 offender which is described as someone most likely to re-offend.

I called the agency listed on the endangered runaway poster, even though it required a long distance call to another state, only to find out they are closed on weekends. So, I left a message with the information.



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