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An AMBER Alert has been issued in Oshkosh, WI for an unidentified girl.

Circumstances: A 14 year-old Black female child was taken by 2 black males and 1 white male. They may be in a older model boxy maroon 4D car, with rusted spots/holes on bottom. Partial tag number with a “2”.

If you have information, please contact Oshkosh Police Department, 920-236-5700


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A couple of stories concerning adult males in Milwaukee, both of whom had fascination with missing children cases, recently made news headlines.

Sex assault suspect befriended family of murdered boy

When 14-year-old John Zera was murdered in 1976, Daniel Acker made it his personal crusade to solve the crime. He befriended John’s family, which included two teenage brothers. He brought other young men with him to investigate in Whitnall Park, where John’s body was found. He even persuaded a patient at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex, where he worked, to falsely confess to the crime.

Acker, who was charged Friday with sexually assaulting a teenage boy and whose basement contained a trove of disturbing keepsakes, was well known to the police who investigated John’s death but isn’t a suspect in the murder, said Detective Kent Schoonover of the Hales Corners Police Department.

“He’s basically a predator pedophile, but Acker did not kill John Zera,” said Schoonover, who dusted off the cold case a few years ago.

There is no evidence tying Acker to the crime, and the only information he knew about the case he obtained from the media and from John’s family, Schoonover said. The man who police believe killed John is living on the West Coast.

Vernon Seitz, a retired barber who passed away on Dec. 15th , 2008 allegedly told his psychiatrist that he had killed two children in 1958 and needed to confess. Police have been unable to locate his victims but it has been suggested he was responsible for other cases though no evidence has linked him to the crimes.


Mystery Remains After Wisconsin Man’s Deathbed ‘Confession’


MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police have investigated a suburban barber’s reported deathbed statement that he was a child killer but found no connection with any missing child case, including that of a Minnesota boy abducted two decades ago, a police spokeswoman said Tuesday night.

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People continue to be shocked that Casey Anthony appears to refuse to co-operate with authorities but it is nothing new for law enforcement. Just ask the Las Vegas Police what ever happened to Everlyse Cabrera

According to America’s Most Wanted authorities thought they may have found her in Green Bay, Wisconsin earlier this year but the DNA of the child found didn’t match hers. Meanwhile she remains missing.

Everlyse Cabrera was last seen at her home in North Las Vegas on 6/10/06.  She was seen at 1 a.m. in her bed; however, she was missing when her foster parent went to check on her at 8 a.m.  She was last known to be wearing pink shorts, a pink shirt and no shoes.

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In the Internet Age, it is hard to believe that someone would not be aware of the issue of how many children are missing.

Unfortunately, while millions of Federal dollars are allocated in the U.S. to raise public awareness about missing children, it isn’t a simple task for the general public to find current statistics or information.  A State like California or Wisconsin readily publishes data while others simply choose not to. Even the data published can vary depending on the source.

“….The National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which is part of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, provides every state with a monthly report detailing statistics regarding the number of missing children in the state that month. The numbers reflect the total active missing children cases reported to NCIC for that month….”

However, there can be more entries than children. Therefore the report can appear skewed as it is based on transactions. For example every time a child runs away an entry is made and when they are found it is closed.  If the same child runs away or goes missing 10 times, that could have 10 different entries even though it is a single child, so instead of 10 runaways or 10 missing children, it is only one.

do the math

So when the mother of missing Madeleine McCann expresses her concern, she may be surprised to learn the U.S. may not be as advanced as she believes when it comes to educating the general public on missing children issues. The reality is that roughly 115 children annually fall prey to “stereotypical kidnappings“;tragic but a far cry from the 800,000 reported missing children number often quoted.


It is only since Madeleine was taken from us, that Gerry and myself have become aware of just how many children go missing each year from all around the world. The scale of the problem is huge. In fact, it is terrifying. I have asked myself many times “why did I not know about this? Am I that naïve or is it the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reason?”

U.S. list of Missing-Child Clearinghouse Programs

Why so many?

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The abduction of Trenton Duckett had a few people asking on the Trenton Duckett  blog why or if the family had sought the assistance of a psychic. Some posters specifically mentioned Sylvia Browne but why?

On January 12 2007, fifteen-year-old Shawn Hornbeck was found alive after having been missing for four years.

Three years before Shawn was found, his parents – Pam and Craig Akers – appeared on the Montel Williams show to ask Sylvia Browne’s help in locating their missing son. She told them Shawn was dead.

In the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) publication “When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide” they offer this advice


Keep an open mind — and a closed pocketbook — when considering the use of a psychic. Most parents are desperate to try anything, but they need to understand that there are very few true psychics. Many are fraudulent or, at best, misguided individuals who want to help so much that they have self-induced visions. Hearing their sometimes negative dreams and visions can cause undue stress, a loss of hope, or an unfounded sense of hope. If you are considering turning to a psychic, remember the following tips:

  • Ask someone close to the family to record any psychic leads, because the information is usually distressing. Give all such leads to law enforcement.
  • If any lead is highly specific, such as a particular address, insist that law enforcement check it out. Follow up with law enforcement to find out the value of the lead.
  • Never allow a psychic to go into your child’s room unattended or to take items without making arrangements for their return.

Regardless of whether some psychics have true visions, any purportedly psychic dream may be an actual observation by someone who is afraid to get involved. That is why even psychic leads need to be checked out whenever possible.

Visit the Missing People Podcast site and click on Interviews where you will find various interviews concerning missing children. Among them you will find a link for “StopSylviaBrowne” a site founded by Robert Lancaster.


The investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance six weeks ago from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort on the Algarve coast, is being led by Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria, which has received the tip-off letter with accompanying map sent to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

Visit Project Jason-Voice for the Missing  and read what one parent of a missing children has to say in this  Psychics and Missing People Series

Update 09-24-07

LEESBURG, Fla. — A tip from a psychic prompted another search for missing toddler Trenton Duckett.

Investigators used a cadaver dog to search the area around Goose Creek Road and County Road 452 in Lake County on Sunday night.

Update 10-02-07  The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are considering the use of a psychic according to the Times Online.

Friends said that the McCann family were now so desperate for information about Madeleine’s whereabouts that they were considering employing a psychic. Mr and Mrs McCann have already consulted a book by Gordon Smith, who claims to be Britain’s “most accurate medium”, and are being urged by other members of the family to seek his views directly.

According to Gordon Smith’s website there is a difference between a Psychic and a Medium. While he may be the self proclaimed Britain’s “most accurate medium”, his site doesn’t discuss his Psychic abilities as they relate to finding missing people. Are the parents possibly under the assumption Madeleine is no longer alive?

How is a medium different from a psychic?
A medium makes contact with the spirit relatives of the person they are reading for. A psychic is someone who can pick up information about the living person’s life. Most mediums are also psychic.

Orlando Sentinel  Psychic ‘tips’ fail again — what a shock

Maggie Giono is a clairvoyant who “channels” to look for missing children, sells real estate and is according to the article above, provided one of 76 psychics tips received by Leesburg Police.

“There are no cases in which a psychic unequivocally helped find a missing person,” wrote Dr. Michael Shermer, the publisher of Skeptic magazine and a columnist for Scientific American. “The equivocation comes in where a psychic may make dozens of guesses, in which one of them turns out to be right, or where a psychic may say something generic like, ‘I’m getting a body of water.’ What does that mean? The ocean, a lake, pond, swimming pool?

Interesting UK Forum on psychics

What if a psychic isn’t what they profess to be?

ST. CLOUD (FOX 9) — Police have found no connection between a now-deceased Milwaukee man who told his psychiatrist he killed a child, and the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in St. Joseph in 1989.

62-year-old Vernon Seitz gave a deathbed confession to his psychiatrist that he shot a child in 1958 in Racine, Wis., long before Jacob Wetterling was abducted. But by his own admission, Seitz was obsessed with Jacob Wetterling.

However, according to Jacob’s mother, he approached the Wetterling family as a psychic not as a someone solely interested in missing children cases.

“When we met him, he came to us suggesting that he had some psychic interest in helping us find Jacob,” says mother Patty. “And we listened to anyone back then who thought they could help find Jacob.”

The disappearance of Haleigh Cummings has received extensive coverage from Jacksonville, Fl. First Coast News, but this story about a potential “psychic” sighting has many viewers confused.

Woman Dreams About Haleigh Cummings Being in Missouri

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A young woman living on the Southside says she had a vision about the missing little girl while sleeping.

She dreamed about Haleigh Cummings being in Missouri.

Melanie says she dreamed about an open field in a city called “Adison.” She woke up to look at the map. There is no town in Missouri named Adison, but there is one called Madison.

Melanie felt a little weird. The last time she had a vision like this it involved a boat that caught fire. She says soon after that dream, there was a boat fire.

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