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H.R. 4137: College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2008


Amends and extends the Higher Education Act of 1965, requiring institutions of higher education (IHE) to provide information related to missing students.


Section 488 –


Adds to the institutional information IHEs must provide information on:


 (1) policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement;


 (2) institutional policies regarding meningoccal vaccinations;


(3) plans for coordination with state and local law enforcement agencies in investigating specified felonies and missing student reports;


 (4) additional categories of hate crimes occurring on or off campus;


(5) immediate emergency response and evacuation procedures;


(6) transfer of credit policies;


(7) fire safety practices and standards; and


 (8) penalties for student drug violations.


Sets forth requirements regarding such emergency response and evacuation procedures, including the requirement that such procedures be tested on an annual basis.


Requires IHEs to:


 (1) include on registration or enrollment forms an item allowing students to identify an individual they wish the school to contact if the student is reported missing;


 (2) establish protocols requiring that missing person reports regarding students be referred to the school’s police or campus security department; and


 (3) if the student has been missing for over twenty-four hours, contact the individual identified by the student or the parent of the student if the student is under age eighteen.


Source: College Alert Center


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