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Here are some random stories on psychics in the headlines.

ST. CLOUD (FOX 9)— Police have found no connection between a now-deceased Milwaukee man who told his psychiatrist he killed a child, and the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in St. Joseph in 1989…

…”When we met him, he came to us suggesting that he had some psychic interest in helping us find Jacob,” says mother Patty. “And we listened to anyone back then who thought they could help find Jacob.”


Psychic Says She Sensed Caylee in Wooded Lot

Meanwhile, a psychic said this week she sensed that 2-year-old Caylee’s remains were in the wooded area where they were found last month.


The skull and bones were discovered in a bag a half-mile from the Anthony family home in Orlando by a water meter reader, Roy Kronk, who says he called investigators months earlier about a suspicious find there.

Psychic detective Gale St. John, who will star in a forthcoming reality show called “The Body Hunter,” told MyFOXOrlando.com she was drawn to the same area on the same day in August that Kronk was — and caught her hunch on video.


New psychic added to Jaliek Rainwalker search

The Find Jaliek Rainwalker Task Force, led by the boy’s grandmother, announced “internationally acclaimed psychic medium” William Constantine plans to “visit key points in the case and speak with those who are connected to the case.” He will work free of charge, according to the statement.

Stebic case remains a mystery

Police continue to investigate Lisa’s disappearance, though new leads on her whereabouts have been few and far between.

This summer a psychic joined investigators working on the case, though police have yet to receive any helpful tips from beyond.

In a story which required no special gifts, did you see this story about a 9-year-old girl was found by using cell phone GPS coordinates and Google Map’s street view? Next time it appears amazing how much someone knows about an area without ever having traveled to the location, it might make you think twice.

Google Street View helps find kidnapped Mass. child.

Update 01-14-09On the Nancy Grace show last night Ginnette Matcia Lucas claims she was the person speaking on the phone with Dominic Casey as he searched in the video for Caylee’s remains. Unfortunately she stated Verizon has been unable to verify the call took place. Perhaps Mr. Casey’s cell phone bill will have a record of the call.

According to this WESH News article her call didn’t lead him to her remains.

Dominic Casey has said he did not find any remains in his search of the woods. He photographed trash, beer bottles, old tires, even a toilet and turned that over to law enforcement.

Update 04-17-09:
Psychic searching for missing boy

COLLIER COUNTY: The search for a missing Immokalee boy gets help from an unlikely source – a person who claims to use psychic powers to find missing people.

Gale St. John says she’s helped track down dozens of people over her 30 year career. Now, she will use her mind to try solving this mystery.

“I’m not here for the media. I’m not here to create a circus. I’m here to find Adji,” she said

According to her website she is also working on the case of Haleigh Cummings offering this “insight”:

Gales feelings

Feel of confusion
Didn’t get feel of death at first not crossed over
Friend of family close to family
Felt shifting 1st night place to place
Feels west
Circle of deceit
Topics unsaid
Family knows who involved
See’s # 82
Players in case
No draw to cousin Joe
Something in air changes coming several more cases like this
No drugs involved
Family dramatics
Money issues
No kiddie porn

In an the case of missing 3-year-old Tangena Hussain, who was last seen at approximately 9:00 p.m. on October 2, 2008 at the Marathon Gas Station in Detroit, Michigan, a psychic claimed to know where her body was and contacted Detroit police.

Site Searched In Tangena Hussain Case

Detroit police searched the area of Interstate 94 and French Road, on the city’s east side after a psychic named Ed Dames contacted them about a month ago.

Detroit police Commander Paul Welles said Dames told them he had an ESP skill called remote viewing.

“He sent a Google map that shows us the area,” Welles said. “He said he’d like to come out, he feels strongly that the body was hidden there.”

Police said they offered to help Dames search the area, but that he went to the site later on his own.

“It caused some concern that he would come and not solicit our help,” Welles said. “At least get him to the location, show him around, and then be there if indeed he found anything.”

Police said Dames insisted that he had a hunch about the area and told police to check two drains, roughly 18 inches in diameter.

Police said they searched with a cadaver dog but found only trash.


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