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There are 2,741 posters of missing children listed at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The posters typically include a photo accompanied by descriptive information and the circumstances surrounding the child’s disappearance. No sensitive information is posted such as social security numbers, address or medical information. So why would they be opposed to any on-line registry which would contain the same information but be used as a proactive measure should the child go missing?

A quick visit to their site under FAQ: Child ID you will find this statement.

Should the information be stored in a central database?
No. Some child ID systems use online registration features. Only parents and guardians should store and have access to these items and/or test results of their child(ren). NCMEC does not support storage of these items or test results for the purpose of providing child identification by law enforcement, government, schools, or any commercial company or third party, either for profit or not-for-profit.


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