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A child has been reported missing near Jacksonville, Fl. Somer Renee Thompson is listed at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as Endangered Missing but not as an AMBER Alert.

Somer was last seen walking near her school on the afternoon of October 19, 2009. She was last seen with her hair in a ponytail tied with a red bow, wearing a maroon sweatsuit with a pink stripe, and a black tee shirt. She was carrying a purple Hannah Montana backpack and lunchbox.
Somer Renee Thompson
Authorities search for missing Orange Park girl


The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a missing 7-year-old girl in the Grove Park neighborhood of Orange Park.
The child’s mother reported that the girl had not returned home from school Monday.
Summer Renee Thompson was last seen wearing a cranberry colored jumpsuit with pink-striped sleeves. She is 3-foot-5, weighs 65 pounds abd has brown hair in a pony tail. 
She was walking home from school near West Gano Avenue and Debarry Avenue with her sister and friends but separted from them about 2:45 p.m.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or (904) 264-6512.

Clay County Sheriff, Rick Beseler is now stating that a blue Nissan Sentra or SUV (conflicting statements in the internal report) occupied by two hispanic males and a women attempted to lure a child into their car approximately ten days ago in the same area. They are seeking information but are not sure if the incident is related to her disappearance.

There was no mention if the public had previously been made aware of this event. At this time there are no organized public searches being conducted by volunteers. The only searches are those by law enforcement.

Update 10-20-09: An AMBER Alert has been activated for her however she is listed at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE AMBER Alert site.

America’s Most Wanted (AMW) posted information concerning Somer. According to local news reports, Sean originally sent the two siblings to go “find” her. The mother was reported to have flagged down an officer not to have driven to the Sheriff’s Office.

Somer left school at 2:50 p.m. that Monday, and was walking home from school with her twin brother, her 10-year-old sister, and some friends when she ran ahead of the group, toward her home.

Somer’s siblings arrived home safely at about 3:05 p.m. without her and no one has seen her since.
Their mother’s friend, Sean Patton, was at the house and asked the children where Somer was and they said she walked off.


Sean and the kids searched for Somer for an hour. when Somer’s mother called, Sean told her Somer had not made it home.

She left work immediately and stopped at the Sheriff’s Office on the way home to report her daughter missing.

Detectives in southern Ga are reported to be searching a Landfill. They are believed to be searching for a body. Another missing child with ties to Georgia is Haleigh Cummings. Her birth mother Crystal Sheffield lives in Baker County Ga.

FOLKSTON, GA — The search for Somer Thompson is now involving a landfill in Georgia.
An official with Waste Management has confirmed to First Coast News that officials, including those from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, are searching through the Chesser Island Landfill near Folkston, and they are looking for a body.
It is not confirmed now what body they are looking for, but Clay County does have investigators on the scene.

Landfills searched as part of Somer Thompson disappearance investigation

ORANGE PARK — Clay County officials are searching two landfills, as part of the investigation into the disappearance of 7-year-old Somer Renee Thompson.

Mary Justino, a spokeswoman for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, said Rosemary Hill landfill near Green Cove Springs and the Chesser Island Landfill in Folkston, Ga., were targeted by investigators.

Trash from the neighborhood where Somer’s family lived is taken to Rosemary Hill, then transferred to the Georgia landfill. Justino said the searches are a “precautionary measure” and are not based on a tip or a lead in the case.

County Manager Fritz Behring said Rosemary Hill was searched Tuesday. Investigators are at the Folkston landfill today.

Child’s Body Found In S.E. Georgia Landfill
Clay County Sheriff ‘Fears’ It Is Body Of 7-Year-Old Somer Thompson


ORANGE PARK, Fla. — Clay County authorities report that the body of a small child was found in a landfill near Folkston, Ga., where Orange Park’s garbage is dumped.

“We hope and pray that it’s not the body of Somer, but the garbage that was in that area was collected from Orange Park,” Beseler said. “We hope and pray that it’s not the body of Somer, but the garbage that was in that area was collected from Orange Park,” Beseler said.

Clay County detectives found the body about 3:30 p.m. at a the Chesser Island Landfill in Charlton County.

Officials have not positively identified the body however, Somer’s mother stated earlier in the day there was a birthmark visible on one of her legs. The lower extremeties of the discovered body were able to be seen by authorities according to reports.

An autopsy is scheduled for today in Georgia.

Somer’s father: Birthmark on body found in landfill matches daughter’s

The legs of a child were found protruding from garbage picked up in Clay County and transferred to the Chesser Island Road Landfill in Folkston, Ga., said Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler.

While no positive identification has been made, Somer’s father Samuel Thompson said detectives had identified a circular birthmark on his daughter’s shin.

Clay County Sheriff Rick Beesler has confirmed the body found is that of missing Somer Thompson.

Detective Recognized for Urging Search that Led to Somer

ORANGE PARK, FL — The idea of searching the Georgia Landfill, where Somer Thompson was found, came from Clay County Sheriff Detective Bruce Owens.


A vacant house is being searched at 1080 Gano Dr by FDLE which is the last known sighting of Somer by witnesses. On the map, B is her school, A is 1080 Gano and C is her home.

1080 Gano

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Edenfield found guilty in Christopher Barrios’ murder
Jury now considers whether he should be executed


BRUNSWICK — A jury found David Edenfield guilty of murder, cruelty to children, three counts of child molestation and other charges Monday in the death of 6-year-old Christopher Michael Barrios Jr.

Less than an hour after announcing their verdict, the six men and six women were back in the jury box for the separate sentencing phase in which they would decide whether Edenfield, 61, should get the death penalty.

Update 10-07-09: Jury deliberating on death penalty in Edenfield case
DA calls him an animal, defense lawyer reminded jury Edenfield is a human being

Update: Jury recommends death penalty

BRUNSWICK, GA — The jury that found him guilty voted to put David Edenfield to death for the murder and sexually molestation of 6-year-old Christopher Barrios Jr.

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On trial for molesting and slaying a 6-year-old Christopher Michael Barrios Jr., that is what David Edenfield told authorities in a taped interview.


Suspect: ‘I should be punished’ for boy’s slaying

On the tape, Edenfield says he and his wife watched their son, 34-year-old George Edenfield, strip the boy and force him to have sex on a bed in their mobile home while the child pleaded for them to stop.

“It’s my fault. I should’ve been a grown man and stopped it right then, but I didn’t,” the elder Edenfield tells detective Raymond Sarro on the tape. “I should be punished for the crime.”

Edenfield said he pulled his pants down and rubbed himself against the boy, but denied having sex with him. He said his son started choking Christopher after the boy cried out “I’m going tell my daddy and grandma!”

Instead of stopping his son from killing the boy, Edenfield says he placed his own hands on top of his son’s while they were around Christopher’s neck.

“I put my hands on his hands, but I did not squeeze,” Edenfield says on the recording. “I just wanted to see what it would feel like, I guess.”

“What what felt like?” Sarro asked.

Edenfield replied: “To choke somebody.”


According to the Florida Times Union, Edenfield calmly says killing 6-year-old was exciting
Accused killer says he wanted ‘to see what it felt like to choke somebody’

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A Levi’s Call (AMBER Alert) in Georgia has been activated for Ingrid Reyes.

Alert Bulletins
Levi’s Call is being activated by the GBI at the request of the Gwinnett County Police Department on behalf of Ingrid Reyes, 4, F, H, DOB 1/7/05, 3ft, 30lbs, Brown eyes, brown shoulder lenght straight hair, LSW pajama bottoms and a pink barbie T-shirt.

Child was abducted on 6/8/09 at 10:25 AM by Alejandro Humberto Guzman, M, H, 6/24/79, 510, 180lbs, Bro eyes, Blk hair that is short on top and long on the sides; usually wears a blue baseball cap with a “T” on it. Suspect and child are believed to be traveling in 1993 Grey Honda Accord 4 door, Texas tag NCK 136. Last seen at 3092 Oak Vista Way, Lawrenceville, GA traveling near Lawrenceville HWY.

Alejandro Guzman

Update: Missing Gwinnett girl found safe in Maryland

An Amber Alert: 8-Month-Old Reportedly Taken was issued in Dallas, Tx but Daisja Weaver is not listed at the NCMEC as an active alert.

Update 06-11-09: Daisja Weaver has now been added as an active AMBER Alert at the NCMEC.

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On May 2006, 28 Jewel Strong, was in a raft with a teenage relative at Jetty Beach in Panama City Beach when she allegedly drowned after it capsized. Her remains were never recovered. Since then, her parents maintain she has allegedly been spotted at various locations in Florida.

This past week, the parents of a young California boy, who apparently drowned, are experiencing a similar loss of a child.

Search for Arroyo Grande boy off Point Sal State Beach is stopped

Search-and-rescue teams ended their efforts Thursday to find a 9-year-old Arroyo Grande boy who was apparently swept out to sea from a Santa Barbara County beach that officials say is known for its dangerous conditions.

A friend last saw Laurence Kailanii Brannum about 10 a.m. Wednesday as he played in tide pools at Paradise Beach near Point Sal State Beach. That is at the north end of Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Lt. George Gingras said.

“He was rock hopping from one rock to another,” Gingras said. “He jumped from a rock to another rock and a wave came and surrounded the rock he was standing on, and he tried to jump back onto the previous rock, and he didn’t make it.”

The boy was swept into the current and not seen again . Gingras said the boy had been camping at Paradise Beach with a group of friends since Tuesday evening.


Laurence Kailanii Brannum

In a statement to the community his mother had a much different reaction to the loss of her child.

This is sent out to our community that we love and appreciate more than you will EVER know. This short story is about our lil’ guy, Laurence Kailanii Brannum, who is known by Kailanii. I am his mommy, that’s what he called me. My name is Debbi Jicay Lynn Brannum. Many people in the community are joining us in this shocking and sorrowful time of the loss of our little man, here’s a portion of who Kailanii Brannum age 9 was, and still is.

Kailanii was the comedian of our family, he made us ALL laugh and giggle and his joyful happy-go-lucky disposition cured all of our “bad days.” He had a servants heart and he had two speeds fast and faster. Our little man lived life to the fullest, he was on a mission and that mission was to learn all, take risks, talk often (much to his New Life preschool and Harloe teachers amazement!). He was adored by all that knew him, and although he had a difficult time following directions, his sweet beautiful face and charm allowed him to get miles and miles of grace from his consequences. He could talk his way out of any trouble… literally.

Kailanii’s love for adventure was strong, he was confident in and his self-esteem was secure. He was not afraid, he had the attitude to live and live well. He would NEVER let any negative remark that was made to him ever define who he was. It just rolled off of him. Something we all could learn from him.

Kailanii lived life on the edge. He adored teasing all of his brothers and sisters, he could be annoying in a playful attitude, he just loved to have fun 24/7. He loved any small living critters, including lizards, spiders, yuck, I know. (smile) But he did have such a fascination with nature, science and learning. Kailanii knew he was a child of God, he was interested in learning anything he could learn about spiritually, just one week ago, he told his older sister, Amanda this, “I just can’t wait to see Jesus!”

He loved to recite and to memorize scripture and his latest one was Micah 6:8. He respected and loved God greatly and he was most impressed with his great love, he never blamed God for anything that went wrong, he realized from a very young age that we are all given free will, and he knew it was choices we make that makes our life what it is. He was a deep thinker, strong willed child who melted our hearts and changed us daily.

Kailanii was passionate about peanut butter, bananas, and frozen yogurt with as many toppings he was allowed. He was the first up in our family every morning, starting from 5:30 to 6:00 a.m. he would open my door and always say, “Good morning, Mommy. How did you sleep?” I would respond with a sleepy, “I’m still sleeping.” Oh, well I love you Mommy and I made you coffee, get up and hang out. That was hard to turn down. Everyone that knew him would agree that he had unlimited amount of energy. Such a life giver, encourager and child, sweet Kailanii. We miss and love you already.

Kailanii was CRAZY about sports, his first love was soccer, and he was quite talented in this sport, he had to be where the ball was and seldom paid much attention to the position the coaches would place him in. He was just completely in his own “Kailanii” world. He loved his friends, all of them and he had plenty of them. He has a wonderful role model mentor and his wife, Allan and Jackie, Kailanii adored both of them, and they along with all of us will miss Kailanii’s abundance joy and zeal for life.

Kailanii’s biological, adopted, and extension siblings are all in total shock and grief beyond words, but they are filled with peace that Kailanii is still exploring adventures beyond this life. Heaven. His siblings along with myself thank you, our precious community, for your unconditional love and support. You have been PARAMOUNT and a Strong Rock in our time of change, and challenges. Kailanii’s siblings Vanessa, Mikahla, Tashann, Joshua, Amanda & Arron, Chandler & Charlie Ann, Caleb, Sara, Joy & Andy, Isabelle, Cainnon, Amber, Jenna, Lauren, Seth, Georgia, Chuck, Noah, Carissa & Cameron, Danielle, Megan, Jeremy, John and me, Debbi Jicay send thanks for standing alongside of us as we do the hardest thing in life, saying goodbye to our much loved and adored Kailanii. We share this story so that you would know a little more about this Arroyo Grande, 9-year-old boy that was lost in the sea, and found in Heaven, and forever and always in our hearts.

Dearly loved, forever cherished and never forgotten. May God bless us ALL.

Many have asked in the Community where the Kailanii memorial sites are, they are as follows.

Bank of America in the Village of Arroyo Grande

And as well at:

New Life Community Church
990 James Way
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Also, Kailanii Brannum’s Memorial Service is this Friday, April 24 at 6:00 p.m.
New Life Community Church
990 James Way
Pismo Beach, CA 93449


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An Alert bulletin has been issued in Georgia for two abducted Norcross children.

Gwinnett County Police Department is seeking the publics help in locating two missing children. Alfredo and Adrian Bastos were last seen on 4-16-2009 @ 15:45 at 1704 Noble Forest Drive Norcross Georgia.

Alfredo is a Hispanic male, 9 months, 25 inches in height, approximately 30 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, with no unique identifiers. He is said to be wearing blue jean shorts with a white tank top. Adrian Bastos Is A Hispanic male, 22 months, 39 inches in height, approximately 60 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, short hair style with no unique identifiers. He is said to be wearing blue jean shorts with a white tank top.

The children may be in the company of Jairo Bastos, Hispanic male, 25 years of age, height 5’5″, weight 170 lbs, brown eyes, bald hair style with tattoos as unique identifiers. His clothing is unknown.

Individual and children are believed to be traveling in a 1994 Honda accord, teal in color, Georgia license tag BGP4251. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Alfredo Bastos please contact 911 or Gwinnett County Police Department at 770-513-5100


Update: 2 children taken by mother’s ex found safe

ROSWELL, Ga. (AP) – Gwinnett County authorities say two children believed kidnapped from a Norcross woman by her former boyfriend have been found safe.

The children, 9-month-old Alfredo Bastos and 22-month-old Adrian Bastos, were recovered Friday morning by Roswell police officers after a Levi’s Call was issued Thursday afternoon. Police say the children were unharmed.

The suspect, 25-year-old Jairo Bastos, is dead after being shot by police.

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Saturday night a Levi’s Call was issued for an abducted Georgia child. The Georgia equivalent of an AMBER Alert, it was followed later by an AMBER Alert in Alabama. According to the Augusta Chronicle, 

 Harlem man sought for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Columbia County authorities are searching for a Harlem man accused of kidnapping and armed robbery.

Police are looking for Christopher Grier, 700 block of Knox Road, for an armed robbery that took place Friday on Williams Street in Grovetown, and for kidnapping his girlfriend and their 7-month-old son.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office issued an amber alert today for Mr. Grier’s girlfriend, 27-year-old Shashawna Odell, 500 Lou Lane, Grovetown, and his son, Christopher “C.J.” Grier.

They were last seen in a gray Dodge Neon with a paper tag reading “Auto Credit Sales and Rental” heading west on Interstate 20.

Grovetown police referred all media inquiries to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Columbia County sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris said the sheriff’s office has issued two felony kidnapping warrants against Mr. Grier. He also said Grovetown authorities have issued four felony warrants against Mr. Grier, but he didn’t know the nature of the warrants.

Anyone with information should call the Grovetown Department of Public Safety at (706) 863-1222, or the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 541-2800.


So why is there no active AMBER Alert listed at the NCMEC?

He is listed as a victim of Case Type: Family Abduction but if you click on the front page of the site on AMBER Alerts, only Haleigh Cummings is listed. He is at the Alabama Department of Public Safety site.

Note: Haleigh Cummings AMBER Alert at the NCMEC now has an Alert Date of 03-25-09. The original alert was issued on 02-10-09.

Update Posted: 3:37 PM Mar 29, 2009 Grovetown Amber Alert Cancelled; infant and mother safe, suspect sought

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