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Edenfield found guilty in Christopher Barrios’ murder
Jury now considers whether he should be executed


BRUNSWICK — A jury found David Edenfield guilty of murder, cruelty to children, three counts of child molestation and other charges Monday in the death of 6-year-old Christopher Michael Barrios Jr.

Less than an hour after announcing their verdict, the six men and six women were back in the jury box for the separate sentencing phase in which they would decide whether Edenfield, 61, should get the death penalty.

Update 10-07-09: Jury deliberating on death penalty in Edenfield case
DA calls him an animal, defense lawyer reminded jury Edenfield is a human being

Update: Jury recommends death penalty

BRUNSWICK, GA — The jury that found him guilty voted to put David Edenfield to death for the murder and sexually molestation of 6-year-old Christopher Barrios Jr.


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On trial for molesting and slaying a 6-year-old Christopher Michael Barrios Jr., that is what David Edenfield told authorities in a taped interview.


Suspect: ‘I should be punished’ for boy’s slaying

On the tape, Edenfield says he and his wife watched their son, 34-year-old George Edenfield, strip the boy and force him to have sex on a bed in their mobile home while the child pleaded for them to stop.

“It’s my fault. I should’ve been a grown man and stopped it right then, but I didn’t,” the elder Edenfield tells detective Raymond Sarro on the tape. “I should be punished for the crime.”

Edenfield said he pulled his pants down and rubbed himself against the boy, but denied having sex with him. He said his son started choking Christopher after the boy cried out “I’m going tell my daddy and grandma!”

Instead of stopping his son from killing the boy, Edenfield says he placed his own hands on top of his son’s while they were around Christopher’s neck.

“I put my hands on his hands, but I did not squeeze,” Edenfield says on the recording. “I just wanted to see what it would feel like, I guess.”

“What what felt like?” Sarro asked.

Edenfield replied: “To choke somebody.”


According to the Florida Times Union, Edenfield calmly says killing 6-year-old was exciting
Accused killer says he wanted ‘to see what it felt like to choke somebody’

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Most people by now are familiar with the cases of Sean Goldman and Sean Hillman. David Goldman is fighting Brazilian courts for the return of his son. Carl Hillman is seeking help to have his son returned from Japan after his wife Mayumi Ogawa fled with their son after a bitter custody battle.

A case you may not be familiar with is the abductions of two Brunswick, Ga. children by their mother. Following allegations of child abuse by her against the father, which were deemed unfounded, she fled to Laredo, Tx. Surprisingly, even though she was on the run, she requested school records for the children from there. You would think that would be the end of her story but authorities chose not to take her into custody after questioning her nor to return the children to their father instead ignoring the outstanding federal arrest warrant charging her with unlawful flight. She is now believed to be in Monterrey, Mexico.

BRUNSWICK – FBI agents believe a fugitive Brunswick woman who failed to return her two young children to their father after a visit has taken them to into hiding in Mexico.

Maria De La Luz Lara, 34, faces federal charges of international parental kidnapping and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Glynn County police also have charged Lara with felony interference with child custody, court documents showed.

Also known as Rosaura Rosed, she fled the country after abducting her 11-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Garcia, and 10-year-old son, Abel Garcia Jr., FBI Special Agent Tony Alig told the Times-Union on Friday.

Why aren’t they listed at the NCMEC as abducted children? Why did Texas authorities decline to arrest her? Will there be a federal investigation concerning that decision?

These are some other missing “children” from Brunswick and nearby Savannah:

Michael Anthony Bennett
Missing Since: 6/21/89
Age Now: 33
Missing from: Brunswick, Ga

Monica Renita Bennett
Missing Since: 6/21/89
Age Now: 35
Missing from: Brunswick, Ga

Jamaree Clarence Coleman
Missing Since: 7/24/93
Age Now: 15
Missing from: Brunswick, Ga

Justin Justo Vidal Garcia
Missing Since: 1/21/04
Age Now: 6
Missing from: Savannah, Ga

Samantha Michelle Garcia
Missing Since: 1/21/04
Age Now: 7
Missing from:Savannah, Ga

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In March, News4Jax reported details of the murder of Christopher Barrios Jr. allegedly at the hands of George, David and Peggy Edenfield.

BRUNSWICK, Ga.A convicted child molester and his father took turns sexually assaulting a 6-year-old boy while the molester’s mother watched, then they choked the boy to death, according to an indictment returned by the Glynn County grand jury on Wednesday.

There are reports now that Peggy Edenfield has accepted a plea agreement which would give her life in prison with the possibility of parole.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — One of the three people accused in the slaying of a 6-year-old Brunswick boy made a plea deal Wednesday that could save her from the death penalty.

The Florida Times-Union is reporting the family of Christopher Barrios Jr. supports the deal according to District Attorney Stephen. Kelley said Tuesday.

“This will certainly strengthen our case against those who we believe actually committed Christopher’s murder,” Kelley told the Times-Union.

“The Barrios family understands why this is being done, and they approved of withdrawing the death penalty for Peggy Edenfield. We wouldn’t have done this without their agreement,” Kelley said.

Michael Barrios, Christopher’s father had this to say to First Coast News

“Being that she was there, and knowing what went on, knowing she could’ve stopped it, so she was just as involved as anybody else that’s charged,” said Barrios. But he doesn’t want to see Peggy getting away with a light sentence.

“I would hate to see her get off with anything like 25 or 30 years. Knowing that she’s someone that can sit there and watch a child suffer and punished, and gather excitement from that or whatever she did,” said Barrios.

Update 12-12-07

The Brunswick News

The man who police claim tampered with evidence and helped to conceal the death of 6-year-old Christopher Barrios Jr. could get out of jail under a plea agreement his attorney says he has reached with the district attorney.

The tampering and concealment charges against Donald Dale would be dropped if a plea agreement with the state is accepted during a hearing next week in Superior Court.

Update 08-29-08  Lawyers Claim Not Enough Hispanics On Grand Jury

BRUNSWICK, Ga.Lawyers for one of two men charged with kidnapping, molesting and killing a 6-year-old boy said the charges should be dismissed because the grand jurors who returned the indictment were not diverse enough.

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Christopher Barrios is being laid to rest today at 2:00 p.m. While most of us followed his story awaiting the outcome, George Edenfield allegedly confessed to the crime within hours of the murder. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime laboratory has conducted an autopsy but the results have not been released.


The Brunswick News  (free registration) has much more on the case including details of the indictment. According to copies of search warrants it obtained from local court records:

  • George Edenfield told police March 8 – just hours after Christopher disappeared – that he killed the boy. He later said he choked Christopher.
  • Peggy Edenfield told police March 12 that George Edenfield, her son, confessed to her that he had killed Christopher.
  • Peggy Edenfield witnessed her son and David Edenfield, George’s father and Peggy Edenfield’s husband, choke Christopher until he was dead.


News4Jax is also reporting several of the details the Edenfield’s are accused of prior to Christopher’s death among them how he allegedly was murdered:

The indictment contains grim details about the case that police and prosecutors had not previously revealed. It says Christopher died from asphyxiation March 8 — the day he was reported missing — after the suspects choked him while “ignoring his complaints that they were hurting him.”

Who knows what possesses someone to take anyone else’s life. Part of the answers may lie in this 2006 Child Abduction Murder Study  what is an unusual twist is the alleged involvement of the parents. For a more detailed account of the Edenfields involvement visit the blog “Eheavenlygads” here.

  • The average killer of abducted children is 27 years old
  • 85 percent are unmarried
  • 50 percent are unemployed
  • 51 percent live either alone or with their parents
  • 61 percent have prior arrests for violent crimes
  • 66 percent have a legitimate reason to be in the area where the abduction takes place

Source: Attorney General of Washington State, U.S. Department of Justice

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Note: Several people have inquired about donating to the family. There are apparently two  three funds setup, one is for a recently established Foundation for harsher sexual predator laws.

Suntrust Bank. The account number is 1000048852254 or you can ask to donate to the Justice for Christopher Foundation.

Bank Of America (any branch) C/O Christopher Barrios Relief Fund or C/O Glynn Angels of Southeast Georgia fund according to this article from WTOC11 in Savannah is a fund to assist with moving expenses.

Unless you are giving just to give, prior to donating to any Charity or Foundation you can click on the tab above “Missing Child Resources”. There you can click on links to verify whether they are tax exempt, what percentage of donations are used for the intended purpose and compare them with other similar Charities or Foundations.

Update 04-13-07

A convicted child molester and his parents pleaded not guilty Friday to charges they kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered a 6-year-old boy whose body was found last month wrapped in a trash bag and dumped by a roadside.

Are sex offender laws tough enough? What if the victim were only 3-years-older then Christopher and she wasn’t murdered but gave birth.

Update: May 2007 CBS video interview with Chrisopher’s father.

Update: June 2008  Man admits lying to police in Ga. boy’s death

Dale was ordered to spend up to three months in jail in addition to the 15 months he’s served since the boy was killed. He will spend most of the next 3 1/2 years on probation at a state home for the mentally disabled.

Update: Oct 31, 2007 Florida Times Union

A picture of Christopher Barrios Jr., slain in 2007, was used in a cable show.

A photograph of the slain kindergarten student was used in an episode of General Hospital: Night Shift broadcast nationwide Oct. 14 on the SOAPnet cable television network. In the episode, the photo depicted the abandoned young son of a character portrayed by actor Billy Dee Williams.

You might wonder why it took two weeks for the media to report the story.

Update 02-05-09: First trial date set for Barrios murder case

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – A trial date has been set for the first of three suspects charged with abducting, sexual assaulting and murdering a 6-year-old Brunswick boy.

Jury selection for David Edenfield will begin on April 20 and is expected to take two weeks. The trial is scheduled to start on May 4.

Update 03-12-09: Money Crunch Delays Edenfield Murder Trial

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — The first trial resulting from the death of 6-year-old abducted, raped and killed in 2007 has been postponed until the next fiscal year because of a shortage of state funds to pay the expenses of the defense.

David Edenfield, his wife and his son are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Christopher Barrios Jr. Jury selection was scheduled for April 20, with the trial expected to begin two weeks later.

The Glynn County Superior Court Clerk’s office told Channel 4 on Thursday that the first trial — that of David Edenfield — was pushed back to September to ensure that defense would have adequate state funding to pay for experts and investigators in the case.

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