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Is someone attempting to abduct children from a mall in Akron, Ohio?

Officials investigate attempted abductions at mall

A stranger has twice in the past four weeks taken the hands of 3-year-old girls in apparent abduction attempts at Chapel Hill Mall, Akron police and mall officials said.

In each case, the child’s mother thwarted the abduction attempt, and the stranger fled. No child has been injured.

Akron police are trying to determine whether the same man is responsible for both attempts.

Authorities have also alerted area police agencies and the media to bring attention to the case.

After the murder of Nancy Bochicchio at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Fl., you would think most mall might have upgraded their security systems.

How safe is your mall? Would you be surprised to learn other Simon Properties, which owns the Town Center in Florida, are lacking when it comes to surveillance cameras even after this tragedy? Though promises were made to upgrade security at the Town Center Mall, some mall properties have no “Eyes-in-the-skies”, except for those in specific stores.

Is the lack of surveillance cameras an industry issue? Chapel Hill Mall is owned by CBL & Associates Properties, Inc

Ted Martin, the mall’s general manager, said the shopping center is safe, patrolled by off-duty Akron police officers and private security. He said some stores have cameras, but there are no cameras in common areas such as the food court.

He said such crimes can happen anywhere at anytime, and he hopes news of the crimes will put parents on alert. The mall has been in continual contact with police to discuss security, he said.

”The safety and well-being of our shoppers and retailers’ employees are our top concern,” Martin said.

They do have aggressive security procedures regarding  behavioral code of conduct  for visitors to the mall. Perhaps they will add no abducting children to the already extensive list.

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