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When a child goes missing there is at times a love/hate relationship with the media. Some seek it at all cost while others attempt to avoid any delving by the press into their personal lives.  While some argue the race,  gender or age may dictate the amount of coverage, it appears the cirmcumstances surrounding the child’s disappearance and the actions of family members can play a significant role.

In May of 2007, Madeleine McCann’s disappearance demonstrated new levels of interest through an on-line web campaign and pleas from celebrities. The site findmadeleine garnered millions of hits and millions of dollars were raised in efforts to find her. In the end however, she remains missing.

London-Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine’s 2007 disappearance from a Portuguese resort sparked an international manhunt, told lawmakers that the mass-media coverage of the search for his child degenerated into a voyeuristic “Kate and Gerry show.”

“Our family have been the focus of some of the most sensationalist, untruthful, irresponsible and damaging reporting in the history of the press,” he told a panel of lawmakers investigating media standards, privacy and libel.

Similar complaints have been voiced by the father of  Haleigh Cummings who has been missing for over a month from Satsuma, Fl.

Fox News- The father of missing Florida girl Haleigh Cummings claimed he doesn’t want the media to focus on his personal life — a day after getting married and flying to New York to appear on national TV.

Ronald Cummings, 25, and his new bride, 17-year-old Misty Croslin, appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” Friday morning. They got married Thursday in Putnam County, Fla. then flew to New York.

Cummings said he didn’t know what his personal life had to do with national television, and stressed that the media needs to get his daughter’s face out there.

Another family which may be unhappy with press coverage, for different reasons, are the adopted parents of  missing Jaliek Rainwalker,  Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald. The adoptive father, Stephen Kerr was named a person of interest“ in his disappearance .

 In the case of murdered Caylee Anthony, her grandparents have often been at odds with the media. They have been the subject of countless stories with their every move covered since she first was reported missing. At times they seemed to try to avoid being in the spotlight only to generating more interest in possible motives concerning their actions. The mother of murdered Caylee continues to generate interest from many as she awaits trial for her alleged involvement.

Orlando Senteniel-In the pre-Anthony days, jail spokesman Allen Moore said, he typically would log 80 to 120 contacts with news reporters per month. In July — when Caylee was reported missing and Anthony first jailed — Moore logged 357 media contacts.

By August, the volume of media contacts grew so large that Moore estimates it at 463 for the month.

“In the 12 1/2 years I have worked as P.I.O. [public information officer] for Orange County Corrections, no case has generated this much media activity for such a long period of time,” he said.

Those not expressing concerns with the media are the families of these missing children.

Adam Herrman 

Adji Desir 

Amber Dubois 

Trenton Duckett

Mark Degner & Bryan Hayes

 Kara Kopetsky 

 Amy Fitzpatrick

Angel Villegas Cano

Joanna Delcarmen Cano Pedraza, (15) and Angel were last seen on March 4, 2009. They may be in the company of Rodrigo Villegas (19). A felony warrant is on file for Rodrigo. They may travel to Mexico. Joanna’s ears are pierced. CAUTION MAY BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS.

Bryan Dossantos-Gomes


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The year started with several higher profile unsolved cases of missing children. So remian in the news while others do not.

Adam Herrman missing from Kansas and unreported for nine years.

Adji Desir  missing from Immakolee, Fl and somewhat overshadowed by the murder of Caylee Anthony and disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.

Amber Dubois a missing 14-year-old from Escondido, Ca.

Two very high profile case that remain a mystery Madeleine McCann and Trenton Duckett

Missing Endangerd 12-year-old boys Jaliek Rainwalker, Mark Degner & Bryan Hayes

Missing teenage girls Kara Kopetsky and Amy Fitzpatrick

One current case receiving little attention is that of 6 month old  Angel Villegas Cano

Abducted as an infant, the case of missing Bryan Dossantos-Gomes receives little attention even though he is now 2-years-old.

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There is sure to be much speculations as to why the family of Adam Herrman did not report him missing. His adoptive mother, Valerie Herrman, said she didn’t report him missing because she feared authorities would remove his siblings. Some believe it may have more to do with the approximately $58,800 the family collected from the state prior to his 18th birthday. Other possible explanations may be found in this publication.

Runaway/Thrownaway Children: National Estimates and Characteristics

NISMART stands for the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children. These studies were undertaken in response to the Missing Children’s Assistance Act (Pub. L. 98–473), which requires that the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) conduct periodic studies to determine the number of U.S. children reported missing and the number of children recovered during a given year. NISMART consists of several complementary studies designed to estimate the size and nature of the Nation’s missing children problem.


Adam Herrman wan’t reported missing for nine years. You might be surprised searching the reported missing children listed at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), to learn that of the total 2,712 reported missing children, approximatley 30-40% of them are over 18-years-old.

A child continues to be listed if they went missing prior to turning 18-years-old. There are other special circumstances such as in the disappearance of 21-year-old  Donna Jou.

SPECIAL NOTE: This case was initiated pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 5779. The individual pictured on this poster was reported missing when he or she was between the ages of 18 and 20. Law enforcement has entered this case in the FBI National Crime Information Center database and has asked NCMEC to disseminate this poster.

Missing and over 18-years-old in Kansas:

Missing Since: 9/26/08
Age Now: 18

Missing Since: 4/27/98
Age Now: 27

Missing Since: 11/18/06
Age Now: 18

Missing Since: 9/12/81
Age Now: 32

Missing Since: 4/15/88
Age Now: 38

Missing Since: 1/16/95
Age Now: 29

Missing Since: 1/11/00
Age Now: 25

Other missing children in Ks.

Missing Since: 11/2/08
Age Now: 15

Missing Since: 9/2/07
Age Now: 15

Missing Since: 5/19/07
Age Now: 8

Missing Since: 9/4/08
Age Now: 3

Missing Since: 7/24/08
Age Now: 15

Missing Since: 9/5/01
Age Now: 11

Missing Since: 9/24/06
Age Now: 7

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