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Police are draining a pond in Palatka, Fl that apparently had not been previously searched.

SATSUMA, FL — Lots of activity in Putnam County has led to dozens of calls into First Coast News, claiming the body of Haleigh Cummings has been found.

Officials tell First Coast News they are dredging a pond in Palatka, but will not confirm if it is related to a search for Haleigh.

At her home in Welatka, Haleigh’s paternal great-grandmother, Annette Sykes told First Coast News’ Jennifer Lindgren she’d gotten word of police activity in the Stokes Landing area south of Palatka.

Sykes says raced to the scene, to find deputies and investigators working in the woods. When Sykes questioned the investigators and asked if they were looking for Haleigh, she says they would not give her a yes or no answer, and told her she could not get any closer to the scene.


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