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In June of 2006, 2 1/2 year old Everlyse Cabrera went missing from her Las Vegas home. Her parents refused to assist authorities in finding her. To them it seemed plausible she simply wandered away but unlike recently missing Joshua Childers, she was never found.

In this case, it is happening north of the border.

Girl, 7, missing since February
Family refuses to co-operate with investigators

Repentigny police are struggling to find a missing 7-year-old girl whose parents refuse to help in the investigation.

Tailor Kenol was first reported missing by the principal of her elementary school on Feb. 9. When police contacted her father, he told them: “It’s none of your business, the girl is fine and she’s in Haiti,” said Guy Bélair, assistant director of the investigative division of the police force of Repentigny, which is situated off the eastern tip of the island of Montreal.

The father told police Tailor was in Haiti with her biological mother, who has been in Canada. Tailor came here two years ago. The girl’s stepmother, Maria Dorval, told LCN news yesterday Tailor was sent to Haiti because the father was worried youth protection services were going to take her away.

It’s unlikely Tailor is in fact in Haiti, Bélair said. Officers checked with Canadian and U.S. customs to see whether Tailor had left the country and found nothing. They also checked with all the airlines flying out of Canada and the United States, but found no records of the girl on any flights. They contacted officers with the RCMP and international crime service Interpol in Haiti, who have thus far been unable to find the mother.

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