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Many people are asking, in the disappearance of missing Brittanee Marie Drexel of Rochester, N.Y, how she could travel to Myrtle Beach without her family being aware. What many may not realize are the various travel options that were available to her.

Two years ago, a 15-year-old girl was allowed to fly unaccompanied without identification, using a false name, on an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle with a one way ticket to North Carolina to potentially meet  a boy she met online . Her efforts were thwarted by the FBI.

Last fall in the abduction of a 5-year-old Austin,Tx. girl, the kidnapper was able to flee with her via a Greyhound bus which prompted her mother to plea for your help.


Maybe you can assist me. My daughter and David Michael Snyder were allowed to leave on a Greyhound bus with no ID required and no questions asked. I am wanting to try and enact a law which would require that buses be forced to require valid picture ID on all passengers. To date, buses are pretty much allowed to do what they want and no one over-sees their activities. This is why they are the chosen mode of transport for criminals like David Michael Snyder. I would really appreciate any help you could offer or any advise you could offer. Thanks so very much. I appreciate it.

Melissa Trimble

Yesterday there was this story of the 13-year-old Florida child who accomplished what many of us would find unthinkable.

 Boy Flies to California Without Telling Parents


BOCA RATON, FL (AP) — The parents of a 13-year-old South Florida boy are stunned he went unnoticed when he got on a plane to California.

Kenton Weaver took his father’s car Tuesday morning, drove about 30 miles to the airport in Fort Lauderdale, parked the car caught a flight to San Jose near where his mother lives.

The boy was found at a ticket counter at the California airport and taken to an uncle’s house. No word yet on whether the boy will return to Florida.

His parents says the teen has a form of autism and was fascinated with planes.

He used one of his father’s credit cards to buy the ticket, but had no ID on him. Airport and transportation officials say anyone under 18 years of age only needs a boarding pass to get on a plane.

There were also unconfirmed sightings of her traveling on a bus yesterday but there was no indication, if it was her,that anyone at the bus company was on the lookout for her.

MYRTLE BEACH – The person police witnesses reported as a missing New York teenager and who police actively sought along Ocean Boulevard wasn’t Brittanee Drexel, police officials said.

Police and family scoured the area around Ocean Boulevard earlier in the week, passing out fliers with Drexel’s information on it, looking for any answers to her disappearance.

No one claims to have seen Drexel since Saturday night.

According to police, the woman who busriders thought was Drexel was actually a woman who works at one of the hotels on the boulevard.


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In Texas, there are 228 children reported as missing. Of those, there are (59) Case Type: Endangered Missing and (82) Case Type: Endangered Runaway.  Corpus Christi is the eighth largest Texas city with a 2000 metro census of 380,783 yet there only two children listed at the NCMEC as missing from Corpus Christi, Tx.

One of them is Christian Hall , Case Type: Endangered Runaway while the other is  Ryan Ramirez , Case Type: Endangered Missing who has been missing since April 4th  .

Christian Hall, a 15-year-old Flour Bluff, Texas boy hasn’t been seen since leaving on a boat trip back in November 24, 2005.  He and 39-year old David Andrews set sail for Key West, Florida without his parents permission on a 54-foot yacht. The vessel allegedly sank in the Gulf of Mexico. Neither were ever seen again.

All that is stated on Ryan’s missing flyer is “When Ryan was last seen, he had a mustache. He may wear glasses.”


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