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In yesterday’s Tracy Press, there was an article about missing Sandra Cantu’s father, 37-year-old Daniel , passing a polygraph. If you have followed the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, authorities have explained the person taking a test is seldom informed of the results after repeated statements by Ronald Cummings and Misty (Croslin) Cummings that they passed their polygraph tests. According to authorities, the tests will either show deception or to be inconclusive on questions asked but they aren’t pass or fail.

The Tracy Press article mentions a fund established to help the family once the child is found. Quite honestly, it is not uncommon to seek donations to help find a child, or assist the family to cover their expenses during search efforts, but how common is it to ask for financial help for the family to be used after the child is found?

“We need to take the focus off of him and put it on (Sandra),” said Gina Schnabel, a friend of Cantu’s and a volunteer in the search.

Cantu said that he felt like he was treated more like a suspect by the media than like a parent looking for his child.

“They were talking wrong,” Cantu said. “People should have the right information before they talk.”

Schnabel said that she and Cantu have set up a Chase bank account where people can donate money that will go to the family after the girl is found. She said Cantu has raised $1,500 so far. The account number is 446-091-4679, a bank employee said, and the phone number for the bank is 836-1490.

Update 04-07-09:  Family spokeswoman’s past revealed

Lisa Encarnacion, who up a few days ago was the spokeswoman for Sandra Cantu’s family, said today she stepped back from that role when police told the family about her criminal past.

Seven years ago, she said, she was convicted of felony embezzlement from the Vintage Faire Nursing & Rehab in Modesto, where she worked. She served a year in the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center, the women’s jail in Modesto.


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