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They are no longer listed at the NCMEC as active AMBER Alerts but searching the web, there aren’t any sites suggesting they have been found. The state of Utah still has an active AMBER Alert as does Michigan

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Tangena Hussain

Xiomara Hernandez-Torres

Pablo Hernandez

Alicia Hernandez


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In yet another violent abduction, a 4-year-old was abandoned at a highway rest stop by the alleged killer of his mother. Charlie Myers, 22, was later arrested in connection with the murder.

Man arrested in Ohio mom’s murder, son’s abduction

Police in Ohio have arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the death of a Dayton mother and the kidnapping of her 4-year-old son, who was later abandoned at a highway rest stop.

Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer identified the suspect as Charlie W. Myers of Harrison Township, Ohio. Plummer said the man confessed to involvement with the case and is being held in connection with an aggravated murder. Formal charges have not been filed.

Jenny Nelson, 29, was shot by an intruder last Friday in her Dayton home as she was getting her son, Will, ready for bed. The boy, who will turn 5 on Saturday, was kidnapped and later abandoned at a rest stop on I-70 outside of Columbus.

Chronology of events in slaying of Ohio mom

Dec. 17: Eddie and Jennifer Nelson’s car is stolen from a parking garage in Columbus.

Jan 2: _ Maryland couple finds 4-year-old William Nelson alone at a highway rest stop west of Columbus. He tells them a stranger came into their Dayton-area home, shot his mother, took him in a car and dropped him off at the rest stop. Authorities find the body of Jennifer Nelson in her home. The stolen car is found nearby.

Jan. 4: Authorities find the car they believe was used to abduct the boy in the parking lot of a Columbus flea market. Three Columbus men are questioned about the crime.

Jan. 5: Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer announces the arrest of Charlie W. Myers, 22, of Columbus, saying Myers confessed to involvement in the case.

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