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While MySpace may immediately come to mind when parents are informed their child may have been abducted by someone they met on the Internet, more stories are beginning to involve Craigslist which offers free on-line classified advertisements. Last year, it was believed to have been how Donna Jou may have met her fate at the hands of John Burgess.

In Texas:

A 15-year-old Austin girl was found in New Jersey Wednesday kidnapped, police say, by a man she met on the Internet.

Transit police in New Jersey arrested John Snyder, 33, on one count of kidnapping. He was on a bus with a 15-year-old Austin girl.

That 15-year-old’s mother says her daughter put an ad on Craigslist in July, which started an inappropriate dialogue with Snyder.

Correction: His name was erroneously reported as John Snyder, his name is David Michael Snyder.


“Once you travel beyond a 120-mile radius with a subject under the age of 17 without the consent of the guardian or parent then you are basically committing the offense of unlawful restraint” says Detective James Scott of A.P.D.’s Missing Persons unit.

Detective Scott also says that more charges may be filed against Snyder pending the outcome of the investigation.

A background search done by KVUE shows that David Snyder was arrested in May of this year on a warrant for aggravated sexual assault of a child from another case.

The age for sexual consent in Texas is 17.


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