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Angel Amesquita, Julissa Barrios, and Rebecca Barrios were having a supervised visit with their foster parents and biological parents at a McDonald’s. Initially they were allegedly abducted by the biological parents at gun point in the parking lot and an AMBER Alert was issued. It was later cancelled due to information concerning whether it should have been activated based on conflicting stories.

The children remain missing from Carson,California. As of Saturday February 16th they still are not listed at the California Clearinghouse for missing children nor the NCMEC.

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In his blog , Day 287: 14/02/2008, Gerry McCann discussed meeting with Missing Child Europe.

Yesterday was a busy day on several fronts. Kate and I met with representatives of Missing Children Europe. This is an umbrella organisation that has 21 member non-governmental organisations that are involved in supporting families of missing and exploited children, from 15 EU countries. Missing Children Europe aims to share best practice, ensures a European presence at ICMEC and liases with various European Institutions. www.missingchildreneurope.eu  

What is the role of  Missing Children Europe?

Missing Children Europe is the regional representative of the global mouvement of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington.

Some of it’s priorities are similar to the ICMEC, founded in 1998 and launched by the U.S.-based National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

1. Co-ordinating a’ financial coalition against child pornography’
2. Procedures for international search actions for missing Children
3. Launch of national missing children hotlines
4. Creation and development of  Centres for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children
5. Creation of a quantitative database on missing and sexually exploited children

Missing Children Europe also works closely with  Missing People UK but neither apparently actually searches for or provides information about specific missing children. It appears they solicit the assistance of other organizations for that purpose.

Missing People is the only charity that works with young runaways, missing and unidentified people, their families and others who care for them.

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