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Last month a 2-year-old child missing from Florida was found in Wisconsin. She was one of  the 589 missing children   in the “care” of The Florida Department of Children and Families  (DCF).  Authorities have been searching for an answer as to why she fell through the cracks in the system.  The Sarasota Family YMCA’s Safe Children Coalition offers the following explanation.

DCF officials have said the child’s name should have been entered into its system within 24 hours of knowing she was missing, but that did not happen until Dec. 29. Because police did not file a missing child report, the case worker could not enter the case into the system, the YMCA report said.

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According to the NCMEC:

A child is considered missing from care if he or she is not in the physical custody of the child-welfare agency or person or institution with whom the child has been placed. A child is considered lost in care if his or her whereabouts are unknown to the child-welfare agency and this status is due to the inattentiveness of the agency.

DCF is believed to be adding  “child locator specialists”.  However there are approximatley 500,000 children missing (both short and long-term) nationwide who are never reported to the NCMEC  based on the October 2002 NISMART-2 study.


In Fiscal Year 2004, Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) was the recipient of a grant addressing the needs of those children in out-of-home care. In collaboration with the NCMEC they published these guides,

  • CWLA Best Practice Guidelines: Children Missing From Care 
  •  NCMEC’s Missing and Abducted Children: A Law-Enforcement
    Guide to Case Investigation and Program Management

The question is does anyone read them as they are supposed to be available to Law Enforcement and classes are available as well.

That NCMEC guide outlines a standard of practice for law-enforcement officers handling missingchild cases and includes definitive checklists for investigating cases of children who are missing from a home, care, or any other setting.


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