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When a child goes missing, most are recovered within the first few hours. Madeleine McCann  has been missing over 50 days along with 257 other children who have been reported to the NCMEC according to their website. Only 16 are missing from outside the United States. Is there anything symbolic about the 50 days other then she and others remain missing? Is the Princess Diana memorial concert this weekend why 60 days wasn’t chosen instead?

Ernie Allen, president of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said this case has created a “two-edged sword.” On the one hand, the attention has kept people looking for Madeleine, but on the other hand so much attention can create an excessive number of false sightings.

ABC News

There are suggestions on how to handle tips and sightings of a missing child at the Madeleine McCann website.  Spanish investigator Antonio Toscanoare, has been quoted as saying she was abducted by a pedophile known as “The Frenchmen”. She was also last seen according to some reports boarding a yacht in the company of a wealthy Arab family in Malta. How credible the sightings are or who her abductor(s) are  has yet to be determined.

Update -6-28-07: Media outlets are reporting another arrest has been made. While there is no mention in this article from ABC news, Fox News is reporting possible links to a French man with prior convictions involving pedophilia. They are cautioning it could be an attempted extortion effort.

Spanish police arrested an Italian man Thursday with possible links to Madeleine McCann, the 4-year-old British girl who vanished nearly two months ago during a vacation in Portugal, news reports said.

The man was detained near the southern port city of Algeciras, according to a report on the Web site of Spanish newspaper El Pais. No more details were immediately available.

Update 06-29-07:  Apparently false leads are not the only issue associated with the campaign to find Maddeleine.

Danilo Chemello, 61 and his girlfriend Aurora Pereira Vaz reportedly tried to demand money from Gerry and Kate McCann in return for bogus information.


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