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There has been some complaints at various sites regarding the massive coverage of missing Madeleine McCann. Is it an issue of quantity versus quality or speed versus accuracy? Just who is feeding the frenzy? Is it the traditional mainstream media, the tabloids in some cases seemingly creating “news” or is it bloggers with easy accessibilty to the web?

There are sites offering breaking news covering everything from, sports, entertainment, politics, business celebrity, opinion and social commentary. Sometimes you wonder if they are attempting to fit her story into each category. The McCann’s every move has been scrutinized including Gerry McCann’s reaction to having his wallet stolen and it’s contents. Hardly news which would be instrumental in finding his wallet much less Madeleine.

It seems almost daily a report is supposed to be breaking news only to be followed with an updated story hours minutes later  deeming it a hoax or innacurate. Sometime it seems half the media is reporting one “fact” and the other half the complete opposite. It would be different if it was offered as an opinion and clearly indicated as such yet quite another when it is presented as factual. The issue is further complicated due to time zones and global interest. The U.S. press will report the story as breaking news even though it may be days old, prior versions and even outdated.

It has happened with sightings in Morocco and Malta, cell phone calls from Argentina , possible grave sites in Portugal. Do you recall the much anticipated video which reportedly would reach 500 million worldwide during the FA Cup? We learned later there was no intent by stations to show it which would limit the number of people viewing it intially to those in attendance.

Most recently, a quick Google search will produce results concerning credible sightings of Madeleine in Malta. Doesn’t it seem strange when you visit Gerry McCanns blog entry and find this update.

Day 51 – 23/06/2007

Relatively quiet day today although we did spend some time planning campaign strategy this morning.This afternoon friends of ours from Leicester who are holidaying in the Algarve came over to Praia da Luz with their 2 year old son. It was good to see them and the twins certainly enjoyed having an extra play mate round the pool.


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