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At the request of a representative of AT&T, please take a moment to visit their site. 

In conjunction with National Safety Month (June), AT&T is enhancing their “Be Sensible” campaign, a public service effort encouraging safer and more courteous usage of wireless devices.

Your readers might be interested in the friendly, thought-provoking programs and messages AT&T has organized to generate a change in thinking and behavior among wireless users.

For more information on the “Be Sensible” campaign, visit here.

Additionally, AT&T has joined forces with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to issue Wireless AMBER Alerts to users of an abducted child in their area. Users will receive a text message with pertinent details about the missing child and contact information for local authorities.

To find out more about receiving AMBER Alerts wirelessly, go to:


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In London yesterday, The Herald is reporting this story. 

Television and radio broadcasts were interrupted last night to deliver a special alert amid fears a nine-year-old boy was abducted by a middle-aged man driving a car.

Media organisations were alerted soon after the child snatch as part of a national scheme launched last year.

It is one of the first times the newly launched Child Rescue Alert system has been used.

The report is similar to one from Washington State earlier this year.

On March 5th  there was an Amber Alert issued for a 5-7 year-old child believed to have been kidnapped according to FoxNews in Washington state.

A young child was reportedly kidnapped on Monday after a fellow student said he saw a man in a blue van take the child from the Washington state school.

“There was a report of a child that saw another child being abducted … about an hour before school started,” said Andy Muntz of the Discovery Elementary School.

In his case authorities do not believe it is a hoax or false report though the Amber Alert was later cancelled.

The Police were reported to have conducted house to house search, and School officials were able to confirm the safety of most of the absent children. It is possible a child still could have been abducted. By all indications the Snohomish County deputies are believed to be still taking the alleged abduction seriously.

The alleged abduction remains unsolved.

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