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The reporter in this article questions how a child could be missing for four months from a foster care home before they are reported missing? It really isn’t that surprising as the State has 589 missing children   in the “care” of The Florida Department of Children and Families  (DCF).

ORLANDO, Fla.Authorities questioned why the abduction of a missing girl, who was found safe in Wisconsin this week, went unreported for four months.

Wisconsin police found Courtney Alisa Clark safe in a home in Portage on Thursday. The following day police found a malnourished and scalded 11-year-old boy in a closet at the home, and they unearthed from the backyard the body of a 37-year-old woman presumed to be his mother.

Pinellas County authorities said a caseworker waited until Jan. 25 to report Clark missing, more than four months after the girl was snatched from a foster home by her mother, Candace L. Clark.

The Florida Department of Children and Family (DCF)  does offer this disclosure concerning thei missing child list but evidently updating the list isn’t a priority. Could the seeming unwillingness of Florida Courts to publicly release information be part of the problem?


“…The above is a partial listing of children missing from their current placements. Prior to listing any children on this web site the Department must receive approval from the court for release of information. In addition, the Department and its community partners are locating many of the children reported missing. As a result, this list may include children who have been located within the past week…”




(CBS4) TALLAHASSEE   The man in charge of the Florida Department of Children and Families says he’s “terribly unhappy” about the way a missing child case was handled by a foster care contractor for the state of Florida.

DCF Secretary Bob Butterworth says mistakes were made in the case of two-year-old Courtney Clark, who was abducted by her mother from a foster home in Sorrento, which is north of Orlando, last year.

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