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When a child goes missing, should how the child was conceived matter? Should it matter if the parents are married? Should the child’s or parent’s race, religion, immigration status matter? Should it matter whether they are adopted or in Foster Care? What about the age of the child?

In the post Shame or Blame Canada a comment was made concerning the conception of Allison Quets’ children. It is an opinion you will see expressed on other sites and certainly each side has strong feelings.

On a side note, they are not even her biological children. She used donor eggs and IVF to conceive.

 Does this somehow diminish whether she is a mother or not? 

What made the point more relevant for missing children is that you can find articles, blogs, comments, message boards all discussing the McCann’s decision to leave their children unattended while they dined nearby. What you won’t find, are disparaging remarks regarding Kate’s status as a mother. In fact how her children were conceived appears to be a non issue while garnering wordwide support for Madeleine.

Madeleine’s great uncle Brian Kennedy assists in putting the issue perspective in this article.

Describing Madeleine as a “thoughtful, intelligent child” who loves her twin brother and sister, Mr Kennedy added: “I think Kate and Gerry will find it an extremely distressing day.” Four years ago, Madeleine was born an IVF baby desperately wanted by her parents, and their memories of that day must be of euphoric happiness and relief at her safe arrival.


In an ironic twist, one of Allison Quets harshest critics early on is according to the Atlanta Constitution expecting twins.

According to the report, Grace is married to David Linch, an Atlanta investment banker. The two attended Mercer together in the 1970s and have stayed in touch, the Post story said.

Grace told the Post their marriage was a “spur of the moment decision” and that the pair had a simple ceremony in Macon, Grace’s hometown.

The Post said Grace declined to say if she’d had fertility
treatments in order to become pregnant at age 47.

On June 28th the Nancy Grace show did try to update viewers on the arrests made in the Madeleine McCann disappearance but like so many other missing children cases, it was to little to late.

She kept referring to her as “baby Maddy” which was similar to how she used to refer to “baby Trenton” although he hasn’t received air time in quite a while.

 Update 07-06-07 While Allison Quets’ fate is yet to be determined, her twins are celebrating their 2nd Birthday today.


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