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When you think of horrific acts that could land a 73-year-old grandmother in jail, does a European vacation with the grand kids come to mind? Apparently that is what has happened to this women who sits in jail with no bail accused of violating a visitation order according to this Florida Times Union article.

 Years ago as one half of the famed DeJohn Sisters, a young Mary Ann Barcaro shared the stage with Dick Clark, Kenny Rogers and Ed Sullivan.

Now at 73, she shares a room inside the Nassau County jail with drug users and check kiters. She has been there two months for taking her grandchildren to Europe to see their father and not bringing them back. She has had custody for years and said she notified the authorities of her plans in advance.

She has had custody for 5 years. Her recently released from prison daughter-in-law is instrumental in the effort to prosecute her for denying her “quality” time with her kids.

  • Do those who argue Allison Quets should remain jailed for taking her birth children in the midst of an adoption battle support a “mother” who only is allowed by the courts a 1-hour visitation per month for failure to complete court order programs?
  • At what point are Judges held accountable for their decisions or at least required to communicate with those they were elected or appointed to serve?
  • Will it take public outcry and hearings similar to that of Durham NC District Attorney Mike Nifong  ?


FOURTH Judicial Circuit (Clay, Duval, and Nassau Counties)

Judge Robert M. Foster (Nassau County)

State Attorney for the FOURTH Circuit: Harry L. Shorstein

Adoption Attorney handling the case of Allison Quets: Michael A. Shorstein (Shorstein & Kelly)

Learn more about the DeJohn Sisters


Disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong believes he should be disbarred for his disastrous prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players falsely acussed of rape, his attorney said Saturday.

The stunning announcement came not long after a disciplinary committee ruled that Nifong, who had already pledged to resign as Durham County district attorney, broke numerous rules of professional conduct and found that his actions involved “dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation.”

Update 08-02-07    She has spent four months in jail. Once the children are returned she should be released.

When the plane carrying Melody and Zachary Barcaro lands – possibly in the next 10 days – Mary Ann Barcaro will be freed from the Nassau County jail cell she has called home since April 10.

Update 08-22-07 Mary Ann Barcaro was released from jail today.

Two children whose return to the U.S. was the key to open their grandmother’s Nassau County jail cell arrived Tuesday at Jacksonville International Airport and were ordered to be turned over to state authorities.

Update 08-27-07  How could the mother of the children who supported prosecuting Mary Ann Bacaro not know the children were in the custody of the state?

Mother Still in Dark After International Custody Battle

Interesting comment…you would think she might want to know.

“If you’re watching, just know, I’m here. And please take care of them, whoever’s got them,” said Lisa

 Update 11-17-07   A family reunited

YULEE – Grinning faces marked the end of seven months of uncertainty Friday for a brother and sister whose grandmother spent four months in jail rather than bring them back from France in a dispute over custody.

Update 12-11-07    By Dana Treen, The Times-Union

Another twist for mangled custody case     
A Nassau County grandmother again loses custody of two kids.

Update 01-30-08

 Florida Times-Union, FL – Jan 30, 2008
Judge Robert Foster ruled Wednesday that Zachary Barcaro, 10, and Melody Barcaro, 8, could live with their father, James Barcaro.


DURHAM, N.C.Former Durham County district attorney Mike Nifong was set to report to jail Friday morning to serve a 24-hour sentence for criminal contempt. He was scheduled to show up at 9 a.m.


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