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Why when a father (who is a U.S. citizen) abducts a child in Canada and takes them across the border to North Carolina only charged with “child abduction”  but when a mother (who is a U.S. citizen) takes her birth children from North Carolina to Canada she is charged with “International Parental Kidnapping”? Is the difference really only due to an an on-going adoption battle or the direction traveled?

That is what appears to have happened in the cases of Billy Ray Whisnant and Allison Quets. Arrested in April he was sentenced on June 14th yet Ms. Quets who was arrested and returned to the U.S. in January remains in jail awaiting trial.

When Billy Ray pleaded guilty to “child abduction” charges, Judge Anne Dugas-Horsman told Whisnant he faces “a very serious charge.” Whisnant was charged after the girl was taken from a home in Salisbury.

Initial unofficial reports from Canada are he is being returned to North Carolina. The judge gave him a 2 year supended sentence with probation and he is to have no contact with the child’s mother.

At the time he was arrested the Hickory Daily Record conducted a check for prior criminal acts.

An N.C. Department of Corrections reveals a history of convictions for Whisnant, including assault on a female, larceny, felony breaking and entering to vehicles and resisting an officer.

Why is a non-violent mother with no criminal history indicted on “International Parental Kidnapping” charges kept in jail while a violent, convicted felon is charged with “child abduction” and virtually slapped on the wrist; you decide. Whether he faces any charges in North Carolina is not immediately known.

Why there is no media interest in his case is equally puzzling.

News 91.9 Moncton reporting the sentence handed down was 2 years and a day suspended 

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