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Jennifer Mee who made the talk show rounds earlier this year for an extreme case of hiccuping is missing. She is believed to possibly be a runaway based on some early reports. Her previous “celebrity” status has not helped her much as she is neither listed at the NCMEC nor has an Amber Alert been issued seemingly because there was no evidence of an abduction.

The mother of the Florida girl treated earlier this year for chronic hiccuping reported the teenager missing to police Monday morning, about 11 hours after she was last seen.


If she has run away her parents may be luckybecause it is unlikely her story would have received any coverage had it not been for her bout with hiccups. There are 59 Florida “Endagered Runaways” lsted at the NCMEC; most are teenagers.

Update:  Jennifer was found safe.


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When a girl missing for the past year was found behind a door under a stairwell last week, questions immediately arose whether she was being held against her will or if she was voluntarily there. 

According to the Boston Globe, to some equally as puzzling was the way her disappearance was communicated. Unfortunately, cases involving possible runaways are often times handled differently than abductions or missing children. Each individual law enforcement ageny determines how the case will be treated based on their own policies and procedures.

Because the girl had a history of running away from home, investigators opted to strike a balance of trying to raise awareness about a teen in trouble without alarming neighbors by hinting that an unknown kidnapper was at work, Bloomfield police Capt. Jeffrey Blatter said.

“Everything throughout this investigation was a balance as to how far we could and should go,” Blatter said. “We were trying to be honest, knowing there was always the possibility this was strictly a case of a runaway who’d return soon.”

You can read more about her story and those of other “Missing and Murdered Children” here.

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