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When a child goes missing, should the circumstances meet specific State criteria, an Amber Alert or equivalent may be issued. It is not uncommon though for parents or guardians to provide false information about an abducted child when it involves a family dispute or a stolen vehicle. Many states are evaluating whether stricter penalties need to be implemented when the system is abused.

In what seems to be happening with greater frequency parents are falsely reporting their children being abducted to police when their car is stolen or carjacked. The problem is they are treated as actual abductions requiring tremendous resources. They can diminish the reaction to future Amber Alerts as the public becomes more skeptical. In most states filing a false report is a misdemeanor so the parents in effect suffer little consequences.

A Memphis mother is in trouble with the law, after police say she falsely reported her child was in her car when it was stolen.

That mother now facing possible charges of filing a false report. She is in police custody tonight along with two people who live at the apartment, who may have had a role in hiding the child.

ABC News video

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Note: The NCMEC provides this publication outlining the penalties for making false reports.


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