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In a story about an alleged abduction almost the complete opposite of Madeleine McCann’s, an infant taken from his mother by a knife wielding assailant, Bryan Dossantos-Gomes remains missing from Ft. Meyers, Florida.

There have been insinuations of human trafficking rings, ransom demands, frustration with how the case was handled and criticism of the parents. What is different is his parents, Maria Fatima Ramos dos Santos and husband Jurandir Gomes Costa, lack the resources and possible understanding to mount a campaign similar to the McCann’s. There is no website, no celebrities making pleas on their behalf or international interest. They are unable to garner the support to keep their son’s case in the media to the degree of the McCann’s. Once front page news in Florida, there are seldom any updates or progress reports.

They weren’t vacationing at a resort but living in the U.S. illegally searching for a better life. His disappearance became intertwined with the ongoing debate over illegal aliens. In some ways he became a victim of the immigration battles between the U.S. and Mexico though his parents are not Mexican citizens. The fact they are in the U.S. illegally makes some less caring, other less willing to come forward with information and may have hampered the efforts of authorities to find him.

When all is said and done, they have one common bond with the McCann’s, the longing for the safe return of their child.


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