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The McCann’s and their support group continue to look for creative ways to spread the word about Madeleine. She has already received pleas from celebrities, sports stars, and others for her safe return. There is a substanial reward and a website seeking donations to support her parents search efforts. 

A couple of new ideas are designed to be used, if needed, in the short and long term. One idea under evaluation is the handing out of wrist bands, possibly in exchange for a donation, to airline passengers.

Madeleine’s aunt Diane McCann, 39, said: “The wristbands which range from tiny to adult sizes and will have our Looking ForMadeleine’slogan, the phone number and a wee picture of her eye. We are thinking of the best way to distribute these.”

ELF Safety, based in Reigate, Surrey, run by Sarah and Grant Teasdale, hopes to distribute 100,000 bands for Madeleine after talks with its Chinese suppliers. They already supply 750,000 schoolchildren with bands containing their school phone number and name for people to contact if they are lost.

ELF Safety LTD website

Another idea is apparently to seek further assistance from previous financial contributors.

JK Rowling is considering putting bookmarks bearing the face of Madeleine McCann in copies of her final instalment about the world’s favourite boy wizard.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and last book in the series, is due out on July 21.

Experts will agree the one item parents need should their child go missing is an updated clear photograph of the child. The NCMEC statistics indicate 1 in 6 children is found as a direct result of a photograph. As in all cases the need for information and leads are a key component.

The Missing Madeleine website continues to be a fund raising juggernaut while providing current information regarding her disappearance. They are traveling throughout Europe to conduct selected interviews. Their efforts may provide a case study in what parents and supporters can do to aid in missing children searches outside of the traditional physical assistance needed in the initial stages.

The balance on 04/06/07, the fund account current stands at £618,650.28.

Note:  approximately $1,229,441 U.S.


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