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On The Record W/ Greta Van Susteren — 10pm / 1am ET

Where is Madeline McCann? A month after the British 4-year-old disappeared from a hotel in Portugal the search is still on. Greta gets an update on the search from her parents.


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One of the issues raised when Madeleine McCann first went missing was whether her case would receive much attention outside of Portugal or the United Kingdom. Clearly her disappearance has been in the headlines, but evidently she isn’t the only child to be missing from the region according to this article.

Most people outside of Spain or the Canary Islands, had probably never heard of 7-year-old Yeremi Vargas or 14-year-old Sara Morales both seemingly missing without a trace.

In this article from March 2007 there apparently was a widespread effort to find them. The disappearances also heightened concerns of visitors, tourists and locals towards each other as possible suspects.

Spain’s sun-kissed Canary Islands, where thousands of British holidaymakers will shortly head, have been convulsed by the disappearance of a 7-year-old boy, the second time in recent months that a child has gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

The McCann’s are reportedly in Spain to plead for assistance in searching for Madeleine. Hopefully their trip well increase awareness for the other missing children too.

Update 01-14-08     Typically Spanish

Police on Gran Canaria have been searching a pet crematorium on the Salinetas industrial estate in Telde in their investigations into Marcos Javier Rodríguez Cabrera, for any possible leads into the disappearance of two children missing from the Canary Islands, Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales.

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