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Victoria Ashley Stavitzski  is missing from Lake Worth, Florida. Since she is considered a runaway she won’t receive as much attention as other missing children in Florida if any.

As this commenter pleads, she still is very much missed and her mother’s pain is no less than any other missing child’s mother. Rather then approve her comment, here is her request.

My friend Tonya is still desperately searching for her missing daughter Ashley (aka Tori). With limited resources available to help her locate her daughter, Tonya is relying on her friends in the WPB area and the use of MySpace & similar websites. Please re-post this bulletin or contact Tonya with ANY information you may have in regards to Tori’s whereabouts. Thank you.


Message from Tori’s mother, Tonya:Many questions have arose as to why there hasn’t been an Amber alert. An Amber alert is only issued when there is a known and proven abduction. The police feel that she may be a runaway. I have nothing to prove that she isn’t other than she did not take anything with her. Not even her cell phone. None of her friends that I am acquainted with know where she is. No contact has been made to me, or her friends. MySpace and local friends are all I have to get the message out there. I am hoping that one of her friends will see this. Maybe someone knows where she is. I am a desperate mother who will try anything to locate her daughter. The new detective on her case is Detective Gonzales out of the Lake Worth Fla PD. He has been more cooperative than anyone that I have spoken to yet. Anyone who may have information is free to contact him, or myself. Thank you so much for your time, prayers and any help that you may offer. _________________________________________________

My friend Tonya needs to find her daughter and I will re-post this as often as I can until I hear something. Tonya has been a long time friend of mine and if you were a patron of Wild Side, Diamonds or Ray’s Downtown Blues many years ago you know TONYA (She was a bartender). Please help in the efforts of finding her daughter. Thank you!

Update 06-13-07  The FDLE has confirmed Victoria Stavitzski was recovered on May 26. The Flyer should not display once a case is closed. The link has been manually broken to her flyer.


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No Mas!

On one hand, Dianne Feinstein is helping to push through legislation that would offer probationary legal status to the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants who were in the U.S. before Jan. 1, 2007. Some consider it amnesty while others suggest it isn’t because they would pay $5,000 in fines and $2,000 in processing fees. They will also be placed on a list inorder to gain citizenship within an estimated 12 to 13 years.

On the other hand, earlier this year she was pushing the Family Abduction Prevention Act of 2007

It is a bill to authorize the Attorney General to make grants to improve the ability of State and local governments to prevent the abduction of children by family members, and for other purposes.

Has she run out of hands when it comes to proposing legislation to address the prevelant issue of a parent abducting their child and fleeing to Mexico?

There are no definitive numbers. You could conduct a manual search at the NCMEC site, but be prepared to spend a lot of time to determine how many children are believed to be headed to Mexico. The NCMEC allows you only to search where a child is abducted or missing from and not by where they may be headed so it requires reading the circumstances surrounding their disappearances. However, a random search on a few children produced these results. To find all the children believed to be headed to Mexico, you would need to search each individual record of which there are 2,307 listed as missing or abducted for the United States alone. That number would not include any recovered children.

The NCMEC is posting  Anna and Luis Cruz  were abducted by their father, Luis Cruz-Ibarra, on May 5, 2007. A felony warrant for Custodial Interference is on file for the abductor. They are believed to have traveled to Mexico. The abductor may use the alias date of birth October 28, 1977.

Benjamin Sanchez  was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Natividad Meza Balanzar and his mother’s boyfriend, Alvaro Paredes. Felony warrants were issued for the abductors on December 6, 1999. They may have traveled to Mexico driving a 1990 red Pontiac Grand Prix with North Carolina license plates MNF3383. Benjamin has a scar on his eyebrow. Natividad Meza Balanzar may be known by the alias name Natalia Valeriano or Estela Gonzalez.

Danielle Jimenez was last seen the evening of July 31, 2006, at her home in Channelview, Texas. She may be in the company of her father, Leandro Jimenez. A felony warrant for Homicide was issued for her father on August 1, 2006. They may be traveling in a silver 2004 Chevrolet extended cab pickup truck with Texas license plates 9NGH92. They may have traveled to Del Rio, Texas, or Mexico. CAUTION IS ADVISED.

Yamile Aguilar was abducted by Hugo Garcia Aguilar, who is Viridiana’s stepfather and Yamile’s father. A felony warrant was issued for the abductor on September 7, 2005. They may have left the country and traveled to Mexico. They may be traveling in a gray 1987 Pontiac Grand Am with California license plates 2ESZ563. The abductor is missing his front teeth.

Stephanie Garcia  and sister believed to be in the company of the non-custodial mother, Marisol Avalos. A felony warrant is on file for the companion. They are believed to have left the country and traveled to Mexico. The companion may use the alias last name Garcia.

Eduardo Gonzalez  was last seen on February 9, 2007. Eduardo may be in the company of his non-custodial father. They may travel to Michoacán, Mexico. Eduardo has a birth mark on his abdomen.

 U.S. Department of State



In the last report, the Department found Mexico to be noncompliant with the Convention due to systemic problems, including slow case handling, lack of progress in resolving cases, and inability to locate children.  Mexico continues to be the destination country of the greatest number of children abducted from the United States or wrongfully retained outside the United States by parents or other relatives. 

Update 05-25-07

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) – Police have canceled a short-lived Amber Alert after a 2-year-old girl was located at a home not far from where her mother was found slain.

They’re still searching for her biological father — 30-year-old Jesus Gomez.

He’s not called a suspect in the slaying. But police think he could be headed toward California, Arizona or Mexico.

Neighbor admits assault on girl, 7
Child abducted from bedroom as mother slept nearby

Prosecutors asked that Castillo’s bond be increased to $250,000, citing the risk to the community and a flight risk because Castillo is an illegal immigrant. Castillo had told Rubick he is a dual citizen of Mexico and Honduras and works as a day laborer.

Castillo also has prior convictions for two felonies — theft and residential entry — as well as driving while intoxicated and domestic battery, records show.

Denver -An Amber Alert was issued Monday morning for a 7-year-old Denver Girl.  Police said she was missing from a home in Montbello where a woman was found murdered.

Investigators believe the little girl was with a man who might be trying to take her to Mexico.

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