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Joshua Duckett apparently at the time, frustrated with the lack of progress in the disappearance of his son Trenton, established a web site  Help Find Trenton  vowing to turnover any leads received to law enforcement. There has been no public disclosure of how many leads have been received nor any visitor statistics.

That doesn’t appear to be the goal of the website Find Madeleine which in contrast seems to be more intent on funding an extensive search and covering the cost incurred by the McCanns. It has generated a tremendous amount of interest but whether it has generated any leads or tips has also not been disclosed. Media reports indicate donations have reached £73,505 or $145,176.

Website Update at 01:20AM on 18th of May 2007
Over 50 Million people have been on the website!
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Could this change the way parents search for missing children? Most have relied on the NCMEC or ICMEC.  They may generate a free flyer via a site such as Beyond Missing  and if an Amber Alert is activated rely on a site such as Project SafeKids for distributing information to the public. The reality is many lack the resources, finances or  understanding of technology to launch such an endeavor.

While many establish Foundations and Charities  to honor their children should the child be murdered or remain missing, most are unable to quickly establish a website similar to the ones for Madeliene or Trenton.


Further updates will be provided on Monday 21st May 2007 according to their site

  • The balance on the account current stands at £73,505.58.
  • This includes £50,000 donated by Portsmouth football club.
  • Funds taken over the counters of NatWest & RBS, along with the donations made by cheque, have not yet hit the account.

Website Update at 19:00PM on 18th of May 2007
Over 75 Million hits!

Update 05-21-07: The fund has now raised £115,856.92 or $228,129

Website Update at 08:46 AM on 21st of May 2007
Over 100 Million hits!

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