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As is the case in most non-family abductions, the media is beginning to question whether Madeleine McCann will be safely recovered. Some have even questioned why her alleged abduction didn’t receive more coverage in the U.S. although there was no indication she may be headed there. 

Children are reported missing every day worldwide and it is extremely rare the story is covered unless there is a tragic outcome. 

The current disappearance of 3-year-old Alexandria Winship-Wright in Maine has received no television coverage outside of the northeast. If you searched specifically for missing children you will find her story online. Most people probably know the story of Trenton Duckett because his mother, Melinda, committed suicide prior to her now infamous interview with Nancy Grace.

Statistically, murdered abducted children are rare events.

  • Approximately 115 children are abducted annually by non-family members and held captive.
  • 40% are murdered.
  • Of those murdered, it is typically within 24 hours of their abduction.

Most people are not familiar with these stories from 2006 which received mostly local coverage in their respective areas prior to the outcome.

Destiny Norton

Casey Crowder

Deion Sanstivensan

Marcus Fiesel

Gabrielle Miranda Bechen 

Keithian Panyavong 

Irvin Harris 

Coralrose Fullwood

Note:  When reading news reports as a casual follower of non-American football, at first there was curiosity as to what impact his appeal may have. Now I am ashamed to admit I can’t recall the last time a U.S. sports hero made an appeal on the behalf of a child missing here; if ever.

Ronaldo, the most high-profile Portuguese man in England apart from Chelsea trainer Jose Mourinho, made an appeal for Madeleine.“Please, if you have any type of information, please tell us,” Ronaldo said in a televised statement released by Manchester United in English and Portuguese. “I think this is very important for all of us.”

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