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Police in Portugal are still looking for three-year-old Madeleine McCann who went missing from her hotel bedroom last Thursday while her 2-year-old twin siblings slept nearby. She is the only missing child case posted at the NCMEC for Portugal. Her story is receiving extensive coverage world wide. She was believed to have been abducted while her parents dined at a nearby restaurant. 

Is she as  CrimeBlog.us suggests

“Europe’s Answer to JonBenet? (The Abduction of Madeleine McCann)”

Reading portions of the article below, is Portugal any more of a haven for pedophiles then for instance Florida would be in the U.S.? Several high profile abductions have taken place there recently including the abduction and murders of Carlie Brucia, Coralrose Fullwood, Jessica Lunsford and the disappearance last August of 2-year-old Trenton Duckett yet it isn’t a description most people would apply to the State.

Portugal is known to attract British paedophiles. A ring of 20 Britons set up there around 1990, filming sex acts with local boys and sending the tapes to Belgium and the Netherlands. Some were later jailed in England. The case helped to persuade the British Government to make it illegal for Britons to have sex with underage children abroad.

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Another 3-year-old missing girl is Alexandria Winship-Wright of Fort Fairfield, Maine. She was last seen Wednesday April 25th.

A video appeal was to play at the FA Cup Final and was projrcted to reach a large television audience. 

View Look For Maddie  video

Note: Fox News is reporting that a camera glitch kept her video from being broadcast outside the stadium so the intended ½ billion viewer audience was not reached.

A Rueters article suggests otherwise.

ADVISORY-Global video appeal story withdrawn

The story headlined “Global football appeal to find Maddy” is wrong and is withdrawn. The story said hundreds of millions of football fans worldwide were expected to watch a video appeal to find missing British child Madeleine McCann at Saturday’s FA Cup final. The video was played on large screens at the stadium but BBC Sports and other broadcasters say they had not planned to transmit the appeal to viewers. The video was seen in the stadium, but not on television screens.

After hundreds of articles and days of build up for the video, somehow internet scammers profiting from her website mispellings don’t seem to be the only ones taking advantage of her abduction.

Update 06-07-07 There are reports of a mystery caller with details of where she may be. Time will tell if they have legitimate information or if they, as was the case with JonBenet, are simply another John Mark Karr.

A mystery phone call from a man claiming to know the whereabouts of missing Madeleine McCann could provide a new lead in the case, it has emerged.


The caller provided such detail that Kate and Gerry McCann put their European search for their daughter on hold in case they needed to act.


According to Gerry McCann’s blog, the tip may have been a hoax.

We had to delay our onward flight to Amsterdam because of some information received by the police, which we needed to be consulted on. We diverted to the embassy in Berlin but it turned out to be nothing of interest.

Update 06-09-07:  Some in the media are reporting the McCann’s have approached Google asking them to change the “OO” in Google on the Google Search page to temporarily match Madeleines eyes. The rationale is that it will provide greater exposure. These are the same media outlets that are reporting her video was broadcast during the FA Cup to the millions watching the event even though it was later confirmed the stations did not broadcast the video.


Update 06-14-07  Tonight on Nancy Grace

Thursday’s show

The hunt for Madeleine: Police sniffer dogs scour wasteland in the search for Madeleine McCann’s body amid fears the 4-year-old British girl may be buried in scrubland not far from where she went missing at a Portugal resort. Nancy Grace investigates. Tonight at 8 and 10 p.m. ET.

Update 06-18-07   If Madeleine was a victim of a pedophile ring, could these arrests possibly provide new leads?

LONDON Police smashed a global Internet pedophile ring, rescuing 31 children and rounding up more than 700 suspects worldwide, British authorities said Monday.

Update -6-28-07:  Media outlets are reporting another arrest has been made. While there is no mention in this article from ABC news, Fox News is reporting possible links to a French man with prior convictions involving pedophilia. They are cautioning it could be an attempted extortion effort.

Spanish police arrested an Italian man Thursday with possible links to Madeleine McCann, the 4-year-old British girl who vanished nearly two months ago during a vacation in Portugal, news reports said.

The man was detained near the southern port city of Algeciras, according to a report on the Web site of Spanish newspaper El Pais. No more details were immediately available.

Update 07-09-07 In this report from SKY News there was this interesting comment from Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates. It isn’t clear if he is refering to sightings in Portugal or elsewhere.

Mr Socrates promised they have made it a high priority and “are doing their best”, but there have been no confirmed sightings of the girl since she went missing.

Is there a major announcement forthcoming in her disappearance?

Police spokesman Olegario Sousa said: “For the moment, there is nothing new to announce.”

No major announcements have been made. There are reports that Rachael Oldfield, Russell O’Brien and Fiona Payne  have been re-interviewed by Portugues Police. The reports are conflicting whether they actuall took place face to face with Robert Murat in the same room or just the same building. Either way, all parties later left at various times.

In his blog, Gerry McCann acknowledges the meetings took place but cautioned people on what transpired.

The Portuguese police interviewed three of our friends again today, to clarify points in their initial statements. As most of you will know, there is a lot of misleading information being published, both in the press and on the internet, about the events leading up to Madeleine’s disappearance and the criminal investigation. We would like to give more information, especially about inaccurate and hurtful reports, but cannot for fear of prejudicing any subsequent court proceedings. The Portuguese police have made it clear to us that all witnesses should not divulge or discuss the information they have provided. Kate and I are, of course not party to all of the information coming into the inquiry for sound operational reasons.

Update 08-03-07  Some media outlets have reported a possible sighting of Madeleine in a cafe in Belgium. Auhtorities are allegedly running DNA tests on a straw and glass. The stories being reported suggest a Child Therapist thought she saw her with a couple acting strangely and approached a waitress who had served them.

Is it possible with all the coverage of Madeleine, someone could see a long haired, blond, 3-6 year-old-girl but not have taken the time to look in her eyes for what is easily the one possible key to her identity?

Possible person with her in cafe.

Man with McCann in Belgium sketch

According to  News.com.au it is the second time she has been spotted.

A Belgian couple claim they saw her outside a cathedral in Liege on June 1. Police are also treating this sighting as serious.

Significantly, the woman at the cathedral told police the little girl turned around when she called “Madeleine”.

Update 08-07-08   A Reuters news story is reporting the Diario de Noticias daily has cited sources close to the investigation as saying Madeleine may have been murdered. It is important to note the results are not back from blood being analyzed from the apartment she was believed to have been abducted from on May 3rd.

“Portuguese police have known for a month that Madeleine McCann was killed that night (May 3) at the apartment in the Praia da Luz resort, having definitely rejected the chance that she may have been kidnapped,” the newspaper said.

Note: The Telegraph and other newspapers are reporting the DNA obtained in the Belgium alleged sighting did not match Madeleine.

Update 08-15-07 In U.S. based child abductions there may be days or weeks between updates. Though it can be very frustrating, it isn’t as frustrating as glaring headlines each reaching a different conclusion. Anyone not following the Madeleine McCann disappearance would be completely confused by these headlines. If the blood is not hers, is the alleged scent of a body hers either?

Madeleine headline

Update 08-31-07

LISBON, Portugal  —  The parents of a British girl who disappeared in southern Portugal nearly four months ago said Friday they are suing a Portuguese newspaper over an article alleging police believe they accidentally killed the toddler.

Update 09-05-07: Early in the disappearance of Madeleine there was speculation of involvement by a French man though nothing was ever proven.

Ironically, the McCann’s are now giving their first interview to a French Publication according to Gerry McCann’s blog.

Day 124 – 04/09/2007

Kate and I did our first interview for a French Publication today. Any interviews we do now, of which we only accept a small percentage of bids, focus on the issues that we have faced since Madeleine’s abduction.

Update 09-06-07  The next few days should provide some new information regarding her disappearance. The BBC is reporting Kate McCann will be re-interviewed, without her husband Gerry and in a more formal process with a lawyer.

There is also speculation that the DNA analysis has been returned to Portuguese officials.

Meanwhile, Reuters  is reporting Gerry will be re-interviewed Friday.

“I can confirm that we have received part of the results and the team is satisfied (with the results),” said Portuguese police spokesman Olegario de Sousa.

Update 09-09-07:  The parents have both been named suspects in Madeleine’s disappearance. They returned to Britain over the weekend as no charges were filed. These are some of the comments Gerry McCann had to say upon returning to Britain according to various reports.

“Whilst it is heartbreaking to return to the UK without Madeleine, it does not mean we are giving up our search. “As parents we cannot give up on our daughter until we know what has happened.

“We want the twins, as much as is reasonably possible, to live an ordinary life in their home country, and we want to consider the events of the last few days which have been so deeply disturbing.”

“Portuguese law prohibits us from commenting further on the police investigation.”

“Despite there being so much we wish to say, we are unable to do so, except to say this: we played no part in the disappearance of our lovely daughter Madeleine.”

Update 09-10-07  Police are claiming a 99% DNA match to Madeleine

Portuguese police say they have found firm DNA evidence that the body of Madeleine McCann was in the boot of the family’s hire car five weeks after she went missing, sources have told Sky News.

Update 09-14-07:  Since the McCann’s have been named suspects, any mention of Madeleine seems to have stopped. Their have been no updates to the website dedicated to her except Gerry’s blog on 9-10-07. The news section hasn’t updated since 09-04 nor have the messages of support with the last posting on 09-10. It may be due to the change in the PR direction or on the advice of their attorney’s but it gives the impression the campaign for her search has been suspended which is what the McCann’s have been outspoken about avoiding.

Update 09-15-07

David Hughes will act as Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesperson for Sunday 16 and Monday 17 September 2007. It is anticipated that Kate and Gerry McCann will announce details of their new spokesperson shortly.

Update 09-16-07:

LONDON (Reuters) – Billionaire Richard Branson is to donate 100,000 pounds to create a fund to help the parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann pay their legal bills, his spokeswoman said on Sunday.

Gerry’s Blog/Diary

Day 136 – 16/09/2007

Sorry for not updating the blog for such a long time but obviously we have been incredibly busy during this last tumultuous week. The entries will probably be every few days or if there is a major development in the future.

Thank you for all the cards, letters, flowers, gifts and messages of support. It means so much to us to know that so many people have not been deceived by rumour, innuendo and wild speculation. Most importantly the search for Madeleine carries on and our family have not given up hope of finding her.

Live in Rothley is still a long way off normal with the large media presence but it is beginning to settle down somewhat. We all managed to go to mass today and it was comforting to pray for Madeleine with friends and family in our local church.

Update 09-18-07: Clarence Mitchell, has been named the new spokesperson for the McCann’s. He apprarently resigned his job as a government official to represent them. His expenses are being paid by “generous financial backers”.

ABC News:

Mitchell said he spent nearly a month with the McCanns for up to 14 hours a day when he was representing the Foreign Office over the case. “During that time, I saw or heard nothing that gave me cause for concern or any suspicion,” he said.

He previously worked for the Foreign & Commerce Office.

The purpose of the FCO is to work for UK interests in a safe, just and prosperous world. We do this with some 16,000 staff, based in the UK and our overseas network of over 200 diplomatic offices

Update 07-26-07  Several websites have published a picture of a young girl seen approximately 3 weeks ago in Morocco. The photo was taken by a tourist. There allegedly will be no official comments until the photograph can be further authenticated and examined.

Spanish Web sites — including those of newspaper El Mundo (www.elmundo.es) and radio station COPE (www.cope.es)


Update 09-26-07  The child apparently is not Madeleine but from a local family.

Update 10-10-07  CNN report  “New leader for missing Madeleine case

Paulo Rebelo, a senior criminal investigator at national police headquarters in Lisbon, will now lead the inquiry.

Rebelo will this week move to southern Portugal, where Madeleine vanished on May 3, a Portuguese police spokeswoman said.

The detective has investigated several major cases including allegations of a child sex ring at a state-run children’s home.

Update 10-24-07  The parents have established a confidential phone line [ +34 902 300213] for residents of Portugal, Spain and north Africa to call with any information.

Update 11-01-07 

LONDON (Reuters) – Madeleine McCann’s father Gerry returned to his job as a consultant cardiologist on Thursday, saying he and his wife Kate had done everything they could in the search for their missing daughter.

Update 11-16-07   CBS’ 48 Hours Mystery will highlight the Madeleine McCann disappearance Saturday.

Where’s Maddie?

In a never-before-seen home video, Gerry McCann expresses both his and his wife’s regret about leaving their children alone in Portugal. Peter Van Sant reports on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann this Saturday, Nov. 17, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Update 12-25-07 Madeleine McCann XMAS Appeal

Update  01-19-08    Did he take Madeleine?

mccann suspects

CNN-Scruffy man clue in Madeleine disappearance


Update 02-20-08   Since the re-launch of the Find Madeleine website, there have been few updates to Gerry’s blog or posted news articles. Internet searches too provide little in the way of new information. There are random posts about some of the articles on this blog under the category Madeleine McCann. She has been missing 293 days.

CNN is also reporting this story-“Police probe fresh Madeleine McCann sighting in the south of France”. It took place approximately five days ago.

French police are probing a suspected sighting of Madeleine McCann at a restaurant in southern France.

A blonde girl bearing a ‘striking resemblance’ to the missing four-year-old was spotted by a Dutch student near the city of Montpellier last Friday.

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