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In a scene right out of the recent America’s Most Wanted sting a 27-year-old man drives to a home to visit a 14-year-old. The problem was there were no cameras, authorities or police hiding in anticipation. He also traveled more then 1500 miles from Midland, Tx to Michigan.

The Oakland Press reported the pair apparently had carried on a long distance conversation using AOL Instant Messaging for almost a year.

Richard Carrasco, 27, is charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 14-year-old Commerce Township girl.The two met online, where she told him she was 18 and he said he was 19.

While most of us are appalled at his actions, why did the media seem to embrace Mary Kay Letourneau and her onetime pupil Vili Fualaau, which began as an affair between a 34-year-old teacher and her 12-year-old student?

As in their case, the 14-year-old says she is willing to wait for her offender’s release.


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