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Did you see Dateline NBC last night about a murdered child in Carrollton, Georgia? Read her fathers comments on their blog about “Life after a child gets murdered”. It is truly a tragic story not only for the outcome but the ages of those involved.

In an article about America’s Most Wanted (AMW) use of Miss America 2007, Lauren Nelson, in an online predators sting, the attorney for one of the people who arrived at the home had this to say.

Defense attorney John Powers Jr. offers his client, Robert Accomando, as an example. Accomando, 20, of West Islip, was one of the four men arrested after showing up at a Bay Shore house to meet Miss America, who posed as a 13-year-old girl.

The program’s Web site features a mug shot of Accomando, who they say gave “a few crude Webcam shows to Lauren” and later got “the surprise of his life.” What hasn’t been mentioned by producers, Powers said, is that Accamondo suffers from neurofibromatosis, “a serious physical disorder which also has serious psychiatric manifestations.”

Powers described his client as “a 14-year-old in a 20-year-old’s body” and said Accomando is incapable of forming the intent to commit any crime.


Sex offenders younger, more violent

Associated Press Writer
Inside a youth treatment center

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An Amber alert has been activated for a missing Siler City, NC boy whom authorities think is in danger.

Authorities are searching for Jose Angel Fitzpatrick, 8 who is believed to be with his father, Kenneth Paul Fitzpatrick. He isn’t yet listed at the NCMEC nor if you go to the Amber Alert site for North Carolina as the site links to the NCMEC. According to this report the Alert was issued at least 4 hours ago. Since time is a critical factor, why the delay?

 Siler City AA

View the NC AMBER Alert System Plan and the goal is notify the NCMEC as soon as practical. Note: page 9 displays a flow chart of how a decision is made.


Requirements of law enforcement agency

If a missing child report meets the criteria established in G.S. 143B-499.7(b), as soon as

practicable after receipt of the report, the law enforcement agency shall notify:

a. The North Carolina Center for Missing Persons;

b. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

If Siler City sounds familiar, last year Edwin Gonzalez (at the time listed as Edwin Sanchez Gonzales) was the victim of an alleged violent abduction by his father. He remains missing.

Update 05-02-07:

Authorities canceled an Amber Alter for an 8-year-old boy Wednesday after his father brought him to a social services office in Pittsboro.

Update: 05-03-07

Fitzpatrick was charged with second-degree felony kidnapping, felony child abduction, and felony child abuse among other charges. He was placed under $250,000 bail pending a Tuesday court date.The child’s mother is thought to be in Mexico.

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