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The abduction of Trenton Duckett had a few people asking on the Trenton Duckett  blog why or if the family had sought the assistance of a psychic. Some posters specifically mentioned Sylvia Browne but why?

On January 12 2007, fifteen-year-old Shawn Hornbeck was found alive after having been missing for four years.

Three years before Shawn was found, his parents – Pam and Craig Akers – appeared on the Montel Williams show to ask Sylvia Browne’s help in locating their missing son. She told them Shawn was dead.

In the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) publication “When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide” they offer this advice


Keep an open mind — and a closed pocketbook — when considering the use of a psychic. Most parents are desperate to try anything, but they need to understand that there are very few true psychics. Many are fraudulent or, at best, misguided individuals who want to help so much that they have self-induced visions. Hearing their sometimes negative dreams and visions can cause undue stress, a loss of hope, or an unfounded sense of hope. If you are considering turning to a psychic, remember the following tips:

  • Ask someone close to the family to record any psychic leads, because the information is usually distressing. Give all such leads to law enforcement.
  • If any lead is highly specific, such as a particular address, insist that law enforcement check it out. Follow up with law enforcement to find out the value of the lead.
  • Never allow a psychic to go into your child’s room unattended or to take items without making arrangements for their return.

Regardless of whether some psychics have true visions, any purportedly psychic dream may be an actual observation by someone who is afraid to get involved. That is why even psychic leads need to be checked out whenever possible.

Visit the Missing People Podcast site and click on Interviews where you will find various interviews concerning missing children. Among them you will find a link for “StopSylviaBrowne” a site founded by Robert Lancaster.


The investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance six weeks ago from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort on the Algarve coast, is being led by Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria, which has received the tip-off letter with accompanying map sent to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

Visit Project Jason-Voice for the Missing  and read what one parent of a missing children has to say in this  Psychics and Missing People Series

Update 09-24-07

LEESBURG, Fla. — A tip from a psychic prompted another search for missing toddler Trenton Duckett.

Investigators used a cadaver dog to search the area around Goose Creek Road and County Road 452 in Lake County on Sunday night.

Update 10-02-07  The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are considering the use of a psychic according to the Times Online.

Friends said that the McCann family were now so desperate for information about Madeleine’s whereabouts that they were considering employing a psychic. Mr and Mrs McCann have already consulted a book by Gordon Smith, who claims to be Britain’s “most accurate medium”, and are being urged by other members of the family to seek his views directly.

According to Gordon Smith’s website there is a difference between a Psychic and a Medium. While he may be the self proclaimed Britain’s “most accurate medium”, his site doesn’t discuss his Psychic abilities as they relate to finding missing people. Are the parents possibly under the assumption Madeleine is no longer alive?

How is a medium different from a psychic?
A medium makes contact with the spirit relatives of the person they are reading for. A psychic is someone who can pick up information about the living person’s life. Most mediums are also psychic.

Orlando Sentinel  Psychic ‘tips’ fail again — what a shock

Maggie Giono is a clairvoyant who “channels” to look for missing children, sells real estate and is according to the article above, provided one of 76 psychics tips received by Leesburg Police.

“There are no cases in which a psychic unequivocally helped find a missing person,” wrote Dr. Michael Shermer, the publisher of Skeptic magazine and a columnist for Scientific American. “The equivocation comes in where a psychic may make dozens of guesses, in which one of them turns out to be right, or where a psychic may say something generic like, ‘I’m getting a body of water.’ What does that mean? The ocean, a lake, pond, swimming pool?

Interesting UK Forum on psychics

What if a psychic isn’t what they profess to be?

ST. CLOUD (FOX 9) — Police have found no connection between a now-deceased Milwaukee man who told his psychiatrist he killed a child, and the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in St. Joseph in 1989.

62-year-old Vernon Seitz gave a deathbed confession to his psychiatrist that he shot a child in 1958 in Racine, Wis., long before Jacob Wetterling was abducted. But by his own admission, Seitz was obsessed with Jacob Wetterling.

However, according to Jacob’s mother, he approached the Wetterling family as a psychic not as a someone solely interested in missing children cases.

“When we met him, he came to us suggesting that he had some psychic interest in helping us find Jacob,” says mother Patty. “And we listened to anyone back then who thought they could help find Jacob.”

The disappearance of Haleigh Cummings has received extensive coverage from Jacksonville, Fl. First Coast News, but this story about a potential “psychic” sighting has many viewers confused.

Woman Dreams About Haleigh Cummings Being in Missouri

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A young woman living on the Southside says she had a vision about the missing little girl while sleeping.

She dreamed about Haleigh Cummings being in Missouri.

Melanie says she dreamed about an open field in a city called “Adison.” She woke up to look at the map. There is no town in Missouri named Adison, but there is one called Madison.

Melanie felt a little weird. The last time she had a vision like this it involved a boat that caught fire. She says soon after that dream, there was a boat fire.

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Another plea from Jessica’s Law Now NC. Legislators stalled efforts for passage by sending the bill to a Sub-Committee.

Here is update and a reminder on how crucial time is for HB933 / Jessica Lunsford Act for North Carolina aka. Jessica’s Law.

The Judiciary II Committee, Chaired by Rep Dan Blue (Dem-Wake) Met past Tuesday, April 24th. After addressing other bills assigned to the Judiciary II Committee, the time finally arrived for them to discuss HB 933 / Jessica Lunsford Act for North Carolina . The Committee went thought the 11 pages of HB 933 and was too lengthy to read. Rep. Julia Howard (Rep-Iredell) one of the four primary sponsors of this bill rose and stated that she could summarize the obvious objectives of this piece of legislation.

The Judiciary II Committee stated that would not be a sufficient course of action and decided not to “gavel” the bill (meaning to kill the bill) but to form a Sub-Committee of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans to Read the bill (HB 933 all 11 pages) and report their findings to the Judiciary II Committee by May 17th, 2007.

Here is prime example of the concerns we have from the games played by various committee members. We need to keep on top of these six people on the sub-committee each day and watch them like a hawk.


Last year, Rep. Jennifer Weiss (Dem-Wake) would not allow Rep. Julia Howard (Rep -Iredell) bill read, which was a version of Jessica’s Law.


Chairman, Jimmy Love (Dem-Harnett/Lee) (919) 715-3026


Jennifer Weiss (Dem-Wake) (919) 715-3010


Alice Borsden (Dem-Alamance) (919) 733-5820


Pat Hurley (Rep-Randolph) (919) 733-5865


Karen Ray (Rep-Iredell) (919) 733-5741


Joe Kiser (Rep-Lincoln) (919) 733-5782


I hope that we can have your help and support help make HB 933 / Jessica Lunsford Act aka. Jessica’s Law reality for North Carolina .

Mark A. Palmer

Jessica’s Law Now NC

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As is the case in  passing a stricter version of the Jessica Lunsford Act, North Carolina lags behind Florida.

The N.C. Center for Missing Persons and N.C. Education Lottery  have partnered to spread the word when children are abducted or endangered. Beginning May 1, emergency notifications will appear on every lottery terminal in the state when an AMBER Alert is issued.


The State of Florida has established the Florida Amber Plan to broadcast critical information regarding missing or abducted children. In 2002, the Florida Lottery joined as a partner in the Florida Amber Alert System in an effort to assist law enforcement agencies in child abduction cases. Time is of the essence in disseminating critical information regarding a missing or abducted child. The Florida Lottery, Division of Security, acts in a liaison capacity between the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), other Divisions within the Lottery and all Lottery Retailers.

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While the Duckett-Grace lawsuit spins its wheels in courts other wheels will be spinning this week in Leesburg, Florida. Kid-Finders Network has donated a portable billboard sign to be driven around town by Team Trenton volunteers for BikeFest in Leesburg. If you haven’t visited their site recently it has been updated.

The signs will feature Trenton Duckett and other missing children from Florida who have not yet been disclosed.

Kid-Finders Network Mission statement:

Kid Finders Network, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization that aids Law Enforcement Officials and other Organizations in need of our service for locating Missing Children.

 We use mobile billboards to display the faces and information of missing children (abducted, lost or runaways) giving them and their families a chance for a safe return. We try to locate all the children we can and believe that race, religion or financial ability should not be a factor in the assistance of locating a missing child.

We focus on covering the United States by using the visual aid of our modern mobile billboards in the safe recovery of children.

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On the Nancy Grace show  Monday night her guest mentioned the car believed to have been used in the disappearance of Alexis Roadside had been found at the long-term parking lot a the airport. Earlier this year the NCMEC announced airport security screeners would get notices and photos of abducted children as part of the AMBER Alert network’s (see related post “Leaving on a jet plane“). Did they somehow board a plane or was this program not implemented?

GRACE: You`re not kidding, in danger. A 4-year-old little girl missing from Pennsylvania. Tonight, is her mother connected to her disappearance?Out to Mike Brooks, former D.C. cop, former fed with the FBI. Give us your analysis of where these two are by now, Mike Brooks.

MIKE BROOKS, FORMER D.C. POLICE, SERVED ON FBI TERRORISM TASK FORCE: Well, Nancy, the car has now been found in a long-term lot at the airport. So number one, go to the credit cards. Let`s say, was there any ticket bought? Was there any ticket bought at all? Does this child have a passport? Does the woman have a passport? That would say, if they do, that possibly there`s a possibility of them leaving the country. But with that credit card, they should be able to get a subpoena, go back, take a look at any transactions to see if a ticket was bought.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting the mother has been arrested and the daughter safely recovered. It wasn’t immediately released how they traveled to Miami.

A Chester County mother whose alleged abduction of her 4-year-old daughter, Alexis Roadside, led to an Amber alert was taken into custody yesterday in Florida. Authorities said Veronica Faith Henry Roadside, 41, of West Caln Township, was arrested by Miami-Dade police.

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Apparently we don’t need tougher sex offender legislation, we need stronger drug laws; at least in South Carolina. The verdict probably does say it all. 

A South Carolina  jury on Monday acquitted a man accused of raping two teen girls in an underground bunker last year, stunning prosecutors who spent the past year building their case against him.

Kenneth Glenn Hinson wiped his eyes and mouth and appeared to cry after the jury said he was not guilty of kidnapping, sex crimes and assault with intent to kill. “I think the verdict says it all,” he said as he was escorted from the courtroom.The verdict followed about four hours of deliberations over two days. Hinson, 48, had faced a mandatory life sentence without parole under the state’s two-strikes law because he was convicted of rape in 1991.

Residents can rest easier though as he knows why he thinks the girls accused him and police sought him.

When Hinson saw police cars arrive at his property, he said he assumed they were after the four pounds of marijuana stashed in the underground room so he panicked and hid in the nearby woods.

Both Joseph Smith and John Couey suggested drugs had a role in their actions too.

Before apologies are issued for his arrest, you need only look south to Georgia and the murder of Christopher Barrios Jr.

After the verdict Monday, Hinson lawyer Rick Hoefer  said he was pleased with the jury’s decision but thought Cottingham was unfairly criticized by prosecutors and the media for his decision. “They made a big deal and said if he had been declared a sexually violent predator, this never would have happened. Well, this jury just said this never happened,” Hoefer said. “I think somebody ought to acknowledge that Judge Cottingham, who is a good and honorable man, is entitled to an apology.”

Note: He will remain in jail as he was in possession of  a gun at the time of his arrest.

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The search continues for a missing Pennsylvania girl. Some of the reports are unclear as to the relationship between her and her abductor while others have identified the suspect as her non-custodial mother. The Philadelphia Inquirer describes the parent’s relationship as “troubled”.

An Amber Alert appears to have been issued five days after she was last seen.

She is believed to have been abducted by Veronica Faith Henry Roadside

Circumstances: Alexis was last seen on April 11, 2007. She was abducted by her non-custodial mother, Veronica Roadside. A felony warrant was issued for the abductor on April 16, 2007. They may be traveling in a white 1993 Buick sedan with Pennsylvania license plates GKK-4359. Alexis’ hair may be dyed black. She may go by the nickname Lexi. Veronica’s ears and tongue are pierced.

Last fall Diane Feinstein introduced a bill “”Family Abduction Prevention Act” to authorize the Attorney General to make grants to improve the ability of State and local governments to prevent the abduction of children by family members, and for other purposes. 

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GovTrack.us. S. 994–109th Congress (2005): Family Abduction Prevention Act of 2006, GovTrack.us (database of federal legislation) (accessed Apr 23, 2007)

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