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Halloween to some conjures up the movie characters Jason, Freddie Krueger, and Michael Myers. To others it reminds them of real life monsters, John Mark McCormick, John Couey, Joseph Smith, Richard Davis, Peter Whitmore and 15-year-old Ronald Moore Jr.


Nancy Molyneaux’s real life nightmare began on Halloween night, 1981, in Waterford Township. After letting 13-year-old Colette and her 10-year-old sister, Monique, stay up late to watch “Halloween II.” Monique crawled into bed with her mom.


Sometime during the night, the mother awoke to someone sexually assaulting her. After scaring off the intruder, she went to check on her daughter who was missing.


You can read the entire story here. As you do there are some unsolved cases in Central Fl.



CoralRose Fullwood 6-years-old was abducted from her home and found murdered two blocks from her home.



 Trenton Duckett 2-years-old was initially reported as being abducted from his bedroom though Police now believe his deceased mother may have been involved. He remains missing.



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