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It could be due to general housekeeping but the FAQ’s concerning missing children for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), are missing. Previously the NCMEC has posted statistics concerning the number of missing children, the number of deceased missing children etc. on their FAQ page.


In their place you will find, “FAQ: Child Sexual Exploitation”. The missing child statistics FAQ’s, were moved from the “Topics of Focus” category to “Resources for Media”.   

While many of us question the accuracy of the missing children statistics or are confused by them, the NCMEC appears to have resolved the issue by simply moving them to a less visible area. Would it have been better to share more current meaningful statistics?


Some of the Frequently Asked Missing Children Questions and Statistics (FAQ’s) they addressed were:

How many missing children are there?

What can I do to prevent family abduction?

Aren’t most missing kids a result of custodial disagreements?

How many missing children are found deceased?

What hours are most critical when trying to locate a missing child?

How big of a problem is child sexual exploitation?

How many children are sexually approached and/or solicited online?

Are “stranger-danger” Programs Effective?

Do the cards I get in the mail really help recover missing children?

Do you put pictures of missing kids on milk cartons?

Is NCMEC John Walsh’s organization?

How can I help find missing children?

How can I donate to NCMEC?

How do I get copies of NCMEC publications?

May I photocopy NCMEC’s safety tips/

What is the CyberTipline?


As the NCMEC continues to add additional responsibilities, is anyone still searching for the 2,248 children that are listed on their site?




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