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When a child goes missing, most parents scour the neighborhood searching and/or putting up posters wherever they can. At one time, Stephen Kerr distributed reward fliers for his adopted son missing Jaliek. Then, in a strange twist, the adoptive father of Jaliek Rainwalker in December of 2007, spent his time taking fliers down. Now he apparently searches for him on the internet while authorities have begun additional physical searches.

Search for Jaliek Rainwalker resumes

A year-and-a-half after his disappearance, searchers went back out in Washington County to look for Jaliek Rainwalker.

It has been more than eighteen months since police have conducted an active search for the boy, but on Wednesday they were back out on the Batten Kill in Greenwich, looking for any clues on his disappearance.

From morning into late afternoon, New York State forest rangers combed the Batten Kill shoreline while investigators plucked waterlogged debris from the underbelly of a huge mill.

Inside sources tell NEWS10 that this most recent search comes after a visit two weeks ago by a nationally recognized handler and her cadaver dogs.

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New Jaliek Rainwalker billboard on display

Stephen Kerr – a person of interest

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One anniversary no one wants is to celebrate is that of a missing child. Jaliek Rainwalker went missing last year at age 12. Stephen Kerr is the last person to see his adopted son.

CAPITAL REGION– Saturday marks one year since Jaliek Rainwalker disappeared, and family members are doing their best to keep him in the spotlight.

 A new billboard was put up Friday on Route 7 near the Town of Hoosick with Jaliek’s picture and information. Family members hope it will remind people that they still need help in their search.


Update Nov. 1st: View latest missing poster jaliek-rainwalker

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Missing Jaliek Rainwalker

Stephen Kerr – a person of interest

Endangered and Missing ages 12-13

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In three separate cases law enforcement is the target of these parent’s frustration and anger. There is a suspect in the Cori Baker disappearance, a person of interest in Jaliek Rainwalker’s and a conviction in the Jessica Lunsford rape/murder.

TULSA The father of a missing 13-year-old Cori Baker  for more than three months criticized the Tulsa Police Department Thursday, saying the force was not interested in finding his daughter due to politics.

GREENWICH The adoptive parents of missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker  filed a notice of claim Friday against the village of Greenwich and its police chief over the search of their home last week by police, alleging “trespass and false imprisonment,” among other accusations.

Florida-Mark Lunsford says he will hold a news conference in Jacksonville, Fl. next Tuesday to answer any questions but today the parents of Jessica Lunsford  informed the Citrus County Florida Sheriff’s Office, Citrus County Commission and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement of their intent to sue.

A case with arguably the greatest anymosity between parents and law enforcement is that of missing Madeleine McCann  whose parents are the Portuguese equivalent of suspects.

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In this Fox23 article, ” Strange Accusations Against Adoptive Parents of Missing Boy“, there is a reference to the Find Jaliek Task Force  which has a simple Mission.

We will do whatever it takes to find Jaliek Rainwalker, shed a positive light on foster care and adoption, and petition for needed resources for adoptive families.

They have initiated a grassroot effort to find 12-year-old  Jaliek  who has been missing since November 1, 2007. Additional information can also be found at the blog  According to Kim which has been following his disappearance.
Jaliek Rainwalker reward poster

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Stephen Kerr – a person of interest

Missing Jaliek Rainwalker

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The adoptive father of missing Jaliek Rainwalker, has been named a person of interest“. Apparently it wasn’t because he allegedly took down fliers seeking community support to search for Jaliek. Nor was it the odd tale of the child running away to join an African-American family or gang. It wasn’t even his refusal to take a polygraph or the odd note Jaliek allegedly wrote as part of a home work assignment.

GREENWICH —  New evidence in the case of missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker has hurt the credibility of his adoptive police said Monday. Investigators have uncovered an image of a van that looks like the one Stephen Kerr was driving the night Rainwalker disappeared.

His attorney defends his actions by suggesting how difficult it is to remember events that happened months ago. Just a thought, why didn’t he share the information then?

Father refuses to allow search

Waited nearly 90 minutes to report Jaliek missing on Nov. 2. Kerr told police he found what he deemed a “suicide or runaway” note at 7:30 a.m. that day, but called police at 8:57 a.m. Police would not say what his explanation is, and his lawyer, Jeffrey McMorris, said he did not know either, but that it was impossible to recall every moment of a day 2-1/2 months ago.

Some reports are that Stephen Kerr wants to know where the videotape was taken. The Post-Star stated it was obtained from the Glens Falls National Bank in Greenwich and is video of a gold Chrysler Town & Country van. Police had previously searched the van but found no evidence.

Update 01-17-08   In what could be considered a questionable “move” the family may actually be doing just that. Would you move from where your child went missing without the case being resolved? The weather may not be the only thing chilly in West Rupert, Vt.

Neighbors say Kerr planning move to Vt.

WEST RUPERT, Vt. – There is a new chapter opening surrounding the case of missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker. Residents in the small town of West Rupert, Vermont say Jaliek’s adoptive family is moving there.

Update 01-31-08

ALBANY - The FBI is investigating a letter sent to Capital Region media outlets claiming missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker is alive and well.NewsChannel 13 and The Post-Star received copies of the anonymous letter Thursday morning

 This note was apparently provided to them.

FYI: Clues police can use to link a document with a printer:

  • Similar shreds or dust
  • Consistency of ink
  • Streaks, marks, or lines caused by the printer
  • Some printers contain chips that record usage
  • Some printers create a pattern of small dots visible only under ultra-violet light.

Source: Times Union research

Update 02-07-08   Fox23 News

Police are expected to look in the Hudson River this morning for 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker.

Investigators think Rainwalker’s adoptive father, Stephen Kerr, may have traveled through the Troy area the night of November 1st, which was the last time Jaliek was seen.

Update 02-08-08  Police Search Home of Jaliek Rainwalker’s Grandparents in Greenwich according to Fox23 News.

Authorities collect bags and boxes of evidence from inside the home where missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker once stayed. Police in Greenwich got a search warrant to go into the home on Hill Street in the town, and they came out with a sizable amount of evidence.

Update 02-08-08

WEST RUPERT, Vt. — Jaliek Rainwalker’s adoptive parents move to Vermont, but their new neighbors say they are not welcome. Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald moved across state lines to the small town of West Rupert, Vermont

Update 02-16-08  Stephen Kerr’s and Jocelyn McDonald’s attorney doesn’t seem to dispute his clients possible role in connection with writing the note received by Police, only how evidence is being collected.

GREENWICH — The adoptive parents of missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker filed a notice of claim Friday against the village of Greenwich and its police chief over the search of their home last week by police, alleging “trespass and false imprisonment,” among other accusations.

Update Nov. 1st: View latest missing poster jaliek-rainwalker

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