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Does it take psychic ability to envision various horrible outcomes when a child goes missing? After reading the first paragraph of her biography, is further comment necessary?

It is my belief that all who emanate from G_D possess HIS Spirit within them. We all have an innate ability to recognize truth. His Spirit Resists that which is false. When someone is being false with you, His Spirit Gives you a signal. Maybe within the pit of your stomach or maybe you have an unprovoked sense of anger, or a sense to resist the person who is false with you, but whatever your bell is it rings in danger. That Spirit Clashes with that which will be harmful to you. It is only your ego which denies the truth and attempts to assuage your own fears, due to your conflicting desire. Desire and ego mask your inner truth, which is the voice of the clairvoyant.


 Psychic makes claim to reward money in Cantu case

TRACY — A Southern California woman is in a dispute with Tracy police over whether her psychic predictions helped them solve the Sandra Cantu murder case.

She thinks she’s entitled to at least a portion of the reward money, totaling more than $30,000, but Tracy police say they never used any information provided by any psychics during the investigation.

Dani Pedlow, based in Los Angeles, said she predicted the little girl would be found in a “barranca—” a Spanish word for canyon or ravine — and that she was killed in a church, and the killer was someone in the trailer park the little girl called home.

Pedlow said she helps solve crimes for a living and recently helped find a Las Vegas runaway and described on a New York radio show how police would capture a serial killer.

She was contacted by a local resident who is also one of her clients.

Update 05-03-09:Tracy Farmworker to Receive $20,000 Cantu Reward

TRACY, CA – A Tracy dairy farmworker who found the remains of 8-year-old murder victim Sandra Cantu last month will receive a reward of more than $20,000 for the discovery, a Tracy police spokesman confirmed Saturday.

Jose Luis Franco, 40, is expected to get a check later this month from the Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation, Tracy police Sgt. Tony Sheneman said.

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Psychics and missing children

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Gale St. John who claims to use psychic powers to find missing people is headed to Immakolee, Fl. to aid in the search for Adji Desir who has been missing since Jan 10, 2009. He vanished from his grandmother’s Farm Worker Village home after playing with other children. He was last seen walking away.

Her first order of business is to do a blind drive from the last point where he was seen.  If you want more information on the area she may cover, Naples News has an interactive map you can view and add your own suggestions.

Ms. St. John has also been active in another missing Florida child’s case. According to her website, these are “Gales feelings” regarding the disappearance of  Haleigh Cummings.

Feel of confusion
Didn’t get feel of death at first not crossed over
Friend of family close to family
Felt shifting 1st night place to place
Feels west
Circle of deceit
Topics unsaid
Family knows who involved
See’s # 82
Players in case
No draw to cousin Joe
Something in air changes coming several more cases like this
No drugs involved
Family dramatics
Money issues
No kiddie porn

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Marquis Bullock, 19,  is charged with first-degree murder of 13 year-old Cori Baker. Her remains were discovered last March after months of searching.  His case goes to trial March 9th.  

At the time of her disappearance there was a $5,000 reward for information leading to her body. Some people even heled pay for a psychic who was unable to locate her.

In an update from the Tulsa World it appears no-one is willing to pay the reward to the person who did.

Hundreds of people spent many hours over several months searching for Cori, and last December, the Bakers helped distribute fliers that said “a $5,000 reward has been offered for the person or persons who can give the exact location of her body.”

Her remains were ultimately found by a Jenks high school student.

When Zach Searle found Cori Baker’s skull in March at the Creek County paintball facility where he worked, he didn’t know that a reward had been offered for discovering her body.

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Psychics and missing children

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The search for Cori Baker continued following a recent discovery of human bones.  Police speculate they may be her remains. So can a psychic prediction be far behind?

SAPULPA — Tulsa police plan to organize a search for a missing teen after a skull was discovered in Creek County Friday evening. The state Medical Examiner’s Office determined Saturday that the skull was human, authorities said.Police say it could belong to Cori Baker, 13, who has been missing since November.


While asking to respect the family’s privacy, there apparently was the need to post the news prior to any official announcement. Earlier there was this post reflecting a different sense of urgency.

Blog Talk Tonight
2008-03-16 11:07:07

I will be flying back to Tulsa tonight….wrapping up things here in Denver. I know I have not posted in a while but when busy…no time to blog. Listen In! Love Jeff

Update 03-24-08 Per the Tulsa World

Rady Saffle, a spokesman for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said Monday that remains found Friday have been positively identified as belonging to missing teen Cori Baker.

Her identity was confirmed through dental records, Saffle said. A skull and other remains were found Friday near a paint ball range in Creek County, north of the Creek Turnpike near South 49th West Avenue.

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According to the Tulsa World, the search for Cori Baker is continuing but not at in an area pinpointed by psychic Jeff Baker.

 Police officers, sheriff’s deputies and firefighters searched in the riverbed and areas near the river between the 4500 block and 6000 block of Riverside Drive, hoping to find the body of Cori Baker or clues about her disappearance.

Note: Marquis Bullock’s Preliminary Hearing is Monday March 17th.

Update 03-24-08  

SAPULPA — Creek County sheriff’s deputies and Tulsa police will start a search Monday morning for additional portions of a body following the discovery of human remains Friday in Creek County, authorities said Sunday.

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