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It has been almost a year since Amy Fitzpatrick disappeared. Amy Fitzpatrick went missing New Year’s Day.

She left her friend’s house at 10pm on New Year’s Day but failed to make it home, a 20-minute walk away.

According to the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC)

Fue vista por última vez sobre las 22:00 horas día 01/01/08, cuando abandonaba el domicilio de una amiga llamada Ashley, con la que estaba en su casa desde el día 31 de Diciembre, sito en Calle Ana María, 53 B , Urbanización Calypso, Complejo los Adarves, Mijas Costas (Málaga), para dirigirse a su domicilio familiar sito en la Urbanización Riviera del Sol, Complejo Las Lomas de Riviera Club, 9, Mijas Costa (Málaga).

Google translation to English: (Note he should be she)

He was last seen about 22:00 dia 01/01/08, as he left the home of a friend named Ashley, which was at home the day since December 31, located at Calle Ana Maria, 53 B , Urbanizacion Calypso, the Complex Adarve, Mijas Costa (Malaga), to reach his family home situated in Urbanizacion Riviera del Sol, Las Lomas de Riviera Complex Club, 9, Mijas Costa (Malaga).

Her family apparently has two “Official sites” established to help find her should you Google seach her name.

Official Missing Amy Fitzpatrick Website
Amy Fitzpatrick went missing on the evening of New Years Day 1st January 2008 at approximately 10pm when she left her friends house in the tourist resort of …

Missing Amy- Help Us Find Amy Fitzpatrick This is the official website for Missing Amy Fitzpatrick. All content on this site has been officially authorised by Audrey Fitzpatrick and Dave Mahon …


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How can an AMBER Alert be issued for an abducted child with no pictures yet they are avaiable in this article, Amber Alert Issued for Bollinger County Boy? The article was posted Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 @04:02am CST however he isn’t listed at the NCMEC as an active AMBER Alert nor as a missing or abducted child. (Note: he has been added as of 5:52am to the NCMEC AMBER Alert site with pictures and as an Endangered Missing child). The Missouri Highway Patrol site reminds us of the risk associated with any delays informing the public.

“Seventy four percent of children that are kidnapped and later found murdered are killed within the first three hours after being taken…”
University of Washington Study

2006 Child Abduction Murder Study

At the Missouri State High Patrol site clicking on the AMBER Alert portal icon will provide you an opportunity to purchase a child ID kit but if you click on Missouri, the page simply refreshes. However, click on Past Alerts (even though it is an active one) and the details are there sans pictures.

An AMBER Alert has been issued for a missing boy in Missouri.

Jacob Humphrey was abducted by John Wilfong from a residence on highway 51 in Patton Mo where his foster mother was found dead, the victim of an apparent homicide. Both subjects left in a gold 99 GMC Yukon MO 557NAN. There is no direction of travel.
Name: Jacob Humphrey
Age: 9 years
Race: White
Gender/Sex: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4’9″
Weight: 86lbs
Clothing: Unknown
Other: None


patton-moUpdate 12-31-08 Teen suspect in Patton shooting arrested, juvenile safe

BOLLINGER COUNTY, Mo. — A teen suspect in a Patton, Mo., murder and kidnapping was arrested this morning and a juvenile he allegedly abducted was safely recovered, according to Bollinger County sheriff-elect Leo McElrath.

Investigators located John W. Wilfong, 17, of Patton, and the male juvenile around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday at a house in Marble Hill, McElrath said.

They had spent the night there, staying with friends of their foster parents, he said.

When the residents saw the news on television Wednesday morning they realized that the boys staying at their house had been reported missing, and they notified police, McElrath said.


Update 01-01-09 Detective: Patton teen confessed that murder of guardian was planned

Contrary to previous reporting, Wilfong was not a foster child of Ackman, according to Brian Hauswirth, a spokesman with the Missouri Department of Social Services. Wilfong was not in state custody, therefore he didn’t have a foster parent, said Hauswirth. He said the department is cooperating with investigators.
However, Ackman was a licensed foster mother in Missouri, Hauswirth said, but Wilfong wasn’t in the state’s custody.

Ackman and her husband Mickey were granted guardianship of Wilfong in November 2003. The Ackmans applied for guardianship of Wilfong in 2003, under protest by his natural mother.

In 2002, Wilfong’s father, Henry J. Wilfong, was charged with first degree murder in Wayne County, Mo., and is currently held at Fulton State Hospital after the court found him mentally incapable of standing trial.

A preliminary hearing for Wilfong has been set for Feb. 17.

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Central Florida CrimeLine follows the guidelines and directions set out by the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers. According to the Crime Stoppers website:

Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards of up to $1000 to anyone furnishing anonymous information that leads to the arrest of criminals, including those committing serious felony crimes, and fugitives.

Why do we need Crime Stoppers?

Crime Stoppers is based on the principal that “Someone other than the criminal has information that can solve a crime” and was created to combat the three major problems faced by law enforcement in generating that information:

  • Fear of REPRISAL
  • An attitude of APATHY
  • Reluctance to get INVOLVED
  • They don’t list the total award amounts available however they do list these U.S. program statistics which would suggest their average paid reward is approximately $150.

    Arrests Made 477,161
    Rewards Paid $71,270,655

    Central Florida CrimeLine program statistics would suggest their average paid reward is approximately $286.

    Central Florida CrimeLine program statistics

    Arrests Made 1141
    Reward Amounts $327,065

    There has been some debate concerning if a reward should be paid to meter reader Roy Kronk after finding Caylee Anthony’s skeletal remains. At issue is whether he called 911 or CrimeLine; apparently the caller has to call CrimeLine and receive a code number to be eligible. Though CrimeLine may not pay, he may receive a reward from a different source.

    Atty. may offer reward to Caylee tipster

    ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) — An Orange County meter reader may get his reward after all. Orlando Attorney Mark NeJame told FOX 35 that he is strongly considering giving Ray Kronk $5,000 as a reward for finding the body of missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

    NeJame said Kronk is a good guy and did a good thing. He added that without him, Caylee may have never been found.

    NeJame resigned as the attorney for Caylee’s grandparents George and Cindy. Crimeline offered a $5,000 reward for information, but they denied Kronk’s claim on the money because he called 911, and not the crimeline number.

    Update 01-12-09 Man Who Found Caylee Anthony’s Remains Previously Arrested for Kidnapping

    ORLANDO, FL – The man who found Caylee Anthony’s remains faced kidnapping charges in the 1990s. Roy Kronk was arrested for kidnapping his ex-girlfriend. He says he was falsely accused, and a grand jury agreed. They expunged all records relating to the arrest.

    Kronk was hired by Orange County Utilities on May 27th of 2008. According to the information he provided the county, he owned a bail bonds company and worked as a bounty hunter in Kingsport, Tennessee for almost 11 years, ending in 2004.

    Update 02-03-09: Man who found Caylee Anthony’s remains reassigned to new job

    ORANGE COUNTY, FL — The county meter reader who discovered Caylee Anthony’s remains began a new job on Monday.

    Roy Kronk’s attorney says his client will be out of the public eye, working in a warehouse doing inventory control. Kronk found himself in the national spotlight in December after he found Caylee’s remains in a wooded area not far from her home.

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    The past couple of years there has been controversy surrounding many of the charities and foundations established by parents of missing children. The latest to come under scrutiny is run by the parents of, Shawn Hornbeck, who was found and the foundation established to help find others, Shawn Hornbeck Foundation.

    Shawn Hornbeck Foundation Still Lacks Oversight

    Five months after the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation promised an audit of its financial records and said it would quickly file overdue reports with the IRS, neither has been completed, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    The IRS requires them to file a form 990 outlining expenditures which they apparently haven’t done according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    A 990 form is a report that tax-exempt organizations earning more than $25,000 per year are required to file with the federal government. Akers told the BBB that the foundation’s income was beneath that $25,000 threshold for two of the six years of its existence, but it still intends to file reports for those years.

    It is easy to understand not filing for the years when the donations were less than the threshold. The concerns are how much did the organization earn in those years when earnings were over $25,00 and how was the money spent? You might think these would be two common questions most people would expect to be asked when establishing any charity whether it is registered with the IRS or not.

    Foundations and Charities

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    According to the Wilson County News, an AMBER Alert has been issued for an allegedly abducted 15-year-old girl. She isn’t listed at the NCMEC nor is she one of their AMBER Alert profiles. (note: she has since been added to the NCMEC site as Endangered Missing but not as an active AMBER Alert).

    The 15-year-old’s information is not listed at the NCMEC even though the Amber Alert was issued yesterday morning. This seemed odd except that the Texas Amber Alert system is administered by Beyond Missing. 

    Why isn’t there a central location to view all active all AMBER Alerts? Is it possible territorial disputes may hinder efforts to find a missing child even though both organizations stress that is part of their respective missions?

    Governor Rick Perry had this to say about the Texas Amber Alert Network.

    “When a child is abducted, every minute counts. That’s why I am implementing the Texas Amber Alert Network to ensure that every available resource is used to return abducted children safely to their loved ones…”

    Unfortunately, no pictures are available for distribution which appears odd since she is 15-years-old (note: her picture and his have since been added to the AMBER Alert info).


    Last Seen: December 24, 2008 – 7:25 PM
    Last Location: Selma, Bexar County, TX
    Date of birth: August 13, 1993 Height: 5′ 3″
    Hair Color: Brown Weight: 100 lbs.
    Eye Color: Brown Gender: Female
    Race: Hispanic

    Erika Camacho

    If you have any information on this child contact:
    Agency: selma police department 24 Hr. Phone # : (210) 653-0033
    City / State selma, TX Alternate Phone # : (210) 651-5368
    Zip Code: 78154 24 Hr. FAX # : (210) 657-7449
    Email: kosborn@ci.selma.tx.us Emergency # : 911

    Suspect and/or Vehicle Information:
    mora,ricardo alvarado w/m dob:02/24/85 blk/bro 504/140 mole above left eyebrow last seen wearing blu sweatshirt blu jeans and tennis shoes//was seen in a 2000 chevy silverado 1500 extended blu in color tx lp 89lpf4 *** veh has been located and is now in police custody

    Additional Information:
    victim last seen wearing a white t-shirt denim capri pants and flip flop sandals victim has a slender build and has a light skin complexion. was abducted forcibly by boyfriend

    This poster, created/distributed by a law enforcement agency, can also be viewed at  AMBER Alert

    Alert poster created on 12/25/2008 12:24 AM. Provided through a partnership with the Texas Governor’s Office.

    Update 12-27-08 Missing Selma girl returns home safe

    SELMA, Texas — Police say a 15-year-old girl thought to have been abducted has returned home unharmed.

    Erika Camacho disappeared Wednesday evening, and Selma police said then they believed she was abducted by her 23-year-old boyfriend.

    Erika returned home Friday, and police now say they are looking for the boyfriend, who could face a felony kidnapping charge.

    Police did not offer additional details.

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